Thursday, August 30, 2012

Panel line scribing and chiseling

In response to my last tutorial thread I recieved a question from a reader named Tim. This was his question.

"In Dengeki Hobby June 2012 issue they showed how you can make vents in the armor of a gundam model with the Mr. Chisel tool. I didn't really understand it because my Japanese isn't that good. I was wondering if you were skilled with that tool and making vents or things like that, and if so, can you write a tutorial about it?"

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience scribing panel lines, and I have no experience chiseling. But I do a copy of a 2009 Hobby Japan magazine that has a pretty extensive walk through about scribing lines and using a chisel to etch detail into the plastic.

Hopefully I have a few readers that might be willing to offer a translation! I'd apprecaite any help you could offer!

I found a variety of chiseling and scribing tools on amazon. You can find them all here:

Want to see the full size image? Right click an image and open it in a new tab or window!

Model Grade Group Buy MG Aegis & MG Buster!

Hey everyone!

With the MG Age-2 Deal closing over the weekend, Model Grade has made live the new MG Buster Gundam and Aegis Gundam pre-order deal. I've streamlined the coupon this time around to accommodate multiple pre-order deals in the same shopping cart. From here on out you'll be able to use the coupon code REDDITDEAL on any of the Reddit specials Model Grade has to offer and it will simply subtract $1000 from each special item.

So what are the deals this time around?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tutorial: Making a part cleaner


In past tutorials, and WIPs I've mentioned that cleaning parts before painting is an essential step to achieve a smooth glossy finish.

A lot of modelers will only wash their parts while they're on the sprus to remove the mold release left over from the manufacturing process. They clean the parts while they're on the tree so they don't accidentally lose the parts down the drain.

While I think that method is a good start, the parts still need an additional cleaning after they under go the sanding process; because you're leaving behind a lot of skin oils, and sanding debris that will stop the paint from laying perfectly smooth.

After a lot of trail, error and expensive replacement part bills; I finally created a way to quickly, easily and safely clean large batches of parts.

Commission EX 1 of 4 pt 2



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strike Trinity Teaser Shots

We're nearly done with the Strike Trinity build off!

Enjoy these teasers!

Aile Strike~ Appasionata

Launcher Strike~ Gundam Beginner

Sword Strike~ GoodGuyDan 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Commission EX 1 of 4

Hey guys, I'm back again with another commission project, this time with a series of four EX kits!

Haven't heard of EX kits before?

They're a somewhat limited and neglected range of Bandai model kits, comprising, space stations, ships, vehicles, mobile armors and equipment. 

What are they like?

EX kits are sligthly larger and more complex than a typical HG kit, but they tend to be smaller scales (some as small as 1/1700). Some of the older EX kits typically only have 1 or 2 colors, so you're required to do a lot of masking and painting to recreate the images on the box.

Should I buy one?

That depends on your skill level, they kits tend to take a lot of work to make them look good. They all require paint to achieve a stock look, and some require glue. Also EX kits tend to be more expensive than similarly sized HG kits. Consider a kit from the Hard Graph line if you really want to try a 'Non-mobile suit' kit from the 'gundam-verse'

Monday, August 13, 2012

Strike Trinity Build Off WIP

Long overdue update post

The Strike is really coming along as you can see. These photos are a few days old, right now I'm working on decaling the unit. I remember first watching Gundam Seed in 04, at the time (and even now) I didn't really consider the series to be too serious. So I chose a really bright vivid color scheme based on the stock scheme to exemplify the ‘cartooniness’ of the series.

I used various metallic colors on the frame to highlight some of the ‘mechanical’ features of the design.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Delta Epsilon Update Cont.

Here are a few more photos of the Delta Epsilon WIP. Ignore the blutack holding the backpack onto the unit

 I modded the Delta's wings to work with the Hyaku Shiki's backpack.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Delta Epsilon Update

The Delta Epsilon project continues to progress. I'm modifying and kit bashing a bit more now.

I removed the bar along the front and rear fins

MG Age 1 Normal Ver. Ka

Alright knocked another one off of the backlog.

Like the Mg Heavyarms and MG Sinanju, this kit had been languishing in WIP hell because I lost a part, then gginfinite decided to cancel my parts order 3+ months after I placed it...

It's all good now though, because I'm done!

The Age 1 is of course modeled after the Grand-daddy of them all, so I used the water slide set from the Rx 78-2 Ver. Ka to keep with that design. I only wish I had though to design Diva and EFF decals for the shoulders and knees like the original ver. Ka.