Friday, October 26, 2012

Budget building for busy people: Introduction

Welcome to a new series of posts!

I received a lot of great comments about the types of things they would like to start seeing on my blog from the people over on Reddit! One of the comments that really resonated with me was that some people don't have a lot of time to build Gunpla, but they still want to make their kits look great. So in this series I'm going to show you exactly how to do that! 

What I'm going to cover

Affordable and durable tools: 

Even the best carpenter can't make anything without tools! I'm going to share my picks for inexpensive, long lasting and effective tools.  


I'll show you how to properly remove parts from the plastic tree, and remove nubs while minimizing those ugly white stress marks. 

Hand Painting:

Not all kits require spray cans, or expensive airbrush setups, sometimes a simple brush and a few bottles of paint can get great results quickly and easily!


You can highlight all sorts of detail in a kit with a bit of panel lining, dry brushing, weathering, decaling and top coating!

How long with this series run?

This series will run in the for the next few days following this post. Each subsequent post will cover one of the four topics listed above 

What kit will you be building?

I actually won't be building anything! My girlfriend (we'll call her GoodGirlKate or GGK) will be building the 1/144 HG Hambrabi (her first model), this is the same Hambrabi I received at NYCC for best out of box build.

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