Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ground Gundam Commission WIP

I finished painting the MS today. I'm very happy with the way the colors came out. You may see some slight tone differences in a few panels and along the edges.Once weathering is applied over those panels the background colors should enhance the overall look. 

The green used on the eyes and sensor is the only bright color I used.   

My client wanted to include the all important 08 on the shield. Unfortunately the Dry Transfer decals were either old, dried out, or exposed to too much heat for too long. Either way most parts of the decal were stuck to the backing.

 To fix this issue I started by first applying the 08 decal

 Then by using parts and pieces of the other dry transfers I added in the missing sections

Stay tuned, the next steps are weathering, lining and top coating.

Instead of doing another post to cover the weathered parts. I decided to update this post.

Of all the weapons the beam rifle is the cleanest.

Weathered decals anyone?

Almost done, the only thing left is the topcoat.