Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MG RX-79[G] Commission WIP

I reached the battle damage stage for this kit.

I normally avoid battle damaging and weathering my kits, because I prefer the pristine look of a fresh mobile suit. However I believe that these grunt type mobile suites can really be enhanced by some scarring!

Here's how I'm damaging this kit!

 Yep, it's a Dremel. I originally bought this for modding PC cases, however it works equally as well as a modeling tool.

 I'm using a Dremel 1/8th ball type bit

Don't worry this isn't a piece off of the commission (although it is from an old junk RX 79[g]!

 After about 10 seconds of use on the lowest settings, I have a nice impact crater, and some chipping around the edges.

You can also use your X-acto knife to gouge around the crater, this makes it look like the armor is cracking slightly.

Here are the results on the commission kit!

I wanted this foot to look like an antipersonnel mine exploded at it's tip.

I was very careful not to heavily damage the cockpit/generator area.  I wanted the kit to look like it had seen action, but that it was still full operational.

I left a gouge on towards the tip of the shield. I wanted it to look like this RX-79[G] may have clocked a Zaku with the tip of his shield at some point.

I didn't damage the backpack or container heavily, they're typically facing away from the enemy. However I did add some scrapes to the bottom of the container from being set down repeatedly. And some scrapes along the side from contacting environmental hazards.

Got cannon envy?

I realize 4 parallel scratches is a very unlikely wound in most cases... 

But my client is nearly done with this beast:

Unlike the Gouf's heat saber, or beam sabers, the Gogg's claws strike me as being rough, heavy, dull (almost smashing) weapons that rely on their weight and the momentum of the Gogg to do damage. So the gouges I cut into the shield are very wide, ugly and roughly cut.