Thursday, November 1, 2012

MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka Pre-order Special

Model Grade has done it again!

Model Grade is offering us another great pre-order special $76.99 for the up coming MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka! Follow the directions below To pre-order a kit!

Deal ends November 30th!




1: Add the special Nu Gundam Ver. Ka to your shopping cart
2: Proceed to checkout.
3: On the 5th step you'll be able to enter the coupon code REDDITDEAL to get the discount (look at those $1000 melt away!). You may need to change the shipping option before completing checkout.
4: Done!

Product Description:

What!?!  Over $1000 for a Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver Ka?  That's nuts...  No one would ever pay that...  Unless you had a coupon of some sorts... 

Included in the deal: 

- Special Price  $76.99 with coupon (don't be intimidated by that over $1000 price tag, it melts away with the coupon...  now only if you had one...)

- $5.00 Model Grade Gift Certificate 

- $5.00 Flat Shipping USPS Parcel or FREE Shipping (US only) if you buy 2 or more

Deal ends November 30th!