Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend WIP

Mini Commission

VP-Strike Noir Conversion Parts

It's been a while since I've had the time to write up a post. I spent a good chunk of my available time working on some resin conversion parts for a client's Vicious Project Strike Noir.

I was asked to paint about 20 resin parts. Most of the parts belong to the backpack, shoulders and arms. Painting resin parts is a time consuming process. Unlike typically Bandai kits which come in color separated sections; resin kits need to be masked for each color applied. It's a time consuming process if you don't plan your color applications out ahead of time. 

  Progress Photos

The overall quality of the resin was not terrible. I was still required to clean up some rough casting parts. One of the swords arrived broken; however the piece that was broken off wasn't in the sealed bag it arrived in. The caster probably broke the part removing it from the mold. When my client contacted the seller they gave him a hard time; so we decided to work with the kit was is.

Here are some examples of the casting errors present on the parts

My client originally wanted the kit to be highlighted with green segments like the official VP color scheme. But eventually he changed his mind; we settled on a 3 grey color scheme.

Seriously don't attempt a kit like this if you hate masking.

Finished Photos

Without a doubt the sword 'blades' required the most work. 

Some of the smaller details were painted on by hand.  

It's difficult to tell from this shot by the interior sides of the thruster are painted in dark red

Project Banshee

I decided to break Project Banshee down into three parts. In part one I'm going to build up the OVA Banshee complete with a Ver. Ka style decal scheme. In part two I'll built the Full Armor Unicorn up as a 'Final Battle' Banshee. And in part 3 I'll do the complete weapon system to transform the 'Final Battle' Banshee into the Full Armor Banshee.


The entire inner frame, feet, backpack and gold details have been painted so far. All I have left are the armor parts and the thruster bells. The inner frame is somewhere between a medium and light grey; I went with a lighter color so the frame would contrast well with the dark armor.  

All of the gold parts have been painted with Gaia Notes' Star Bright Gold. They have a dark grey undercoat.

The waist and collar have been painted with dark grey to contrast with the frame color.

The Banshee normally uses the same clear orange psycho frame plastic for the legs side pieces. However I was not satisfied with the looks. Instead I masked and painted the twelve exposed parts per leg. 

The side and rear skirt armor and thruster bell connection pieces have also been masked and painted with star bright gold.

 The back pack and feet are painted with Mr. Hobby GX Black.

The next part of this build will be the armor parts. I mixed up 120 mls of a special Banshee blue color for the Banshee Project. The color I came up with is a mixture of Plamo midnight blue, purple and black. The mixed color looks like a darker version of the color the plastic came molded in.

MG Aegis

I'm enjoying the build thus far. The complexity of the kit is great this may be my favorite build this year; but I'll hold my opinion on that until I finish the legs.

Stay tuned for the eventual review!

The beam rifle is massive and awesome! I haven't had any issues with the hand holding the rifle that a lot of other people have mentioned.