Monday, March 11, 2013

Badger Renegade Krome Review


The Renegade Krome is a dual action, internal mix, gravity feed airbrush produced by Badger Air-brush Co. It comes packed with two needles and nozzles sizes.21 extra fine and .33 fine, two spray regulators and a black and aluminum storage case. 

I've been using the Renegade Krome for almost two years now; and it has been my primary airbrush on every kit since the first MG Wing EW  I painted in August 2011. Since then I have painted 29 kits with this brush!

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The Operation:

I'm not going to lie, of the three brushes I've owned; the Krome is my favorite by far. The Krome feels great in the hand, it feels weighty, but not so much to fatigue your hand. All of the parts fit precisely, and its extremely solid. The materials used to construct the brush are also fantastic.

The trigger on this brush is extremely smooth, and it provides you with a very precise degree of control. The back of the brush features a needle control knob; you can use this knob to adjust how far back the needle is pulled. This is a very useful feature for detail work like shading. 

The paint hopper fits roughly 5-6mls of paint at a time, and the chrome metal cap fits tightly to keep the paint where it belongs.   

This brush comes packed with two needles. The extra fine .21 needle and nozzel set came preloaded in mine, and the .33 fine needle and nozzel were packer separately. The needles and nozzels for this brush cannot be mix matched, so be careful not to mix them up! The nozzels are also extremely small and easy to lose. 

The extra fine needle will allow you to produce very fine lines, all the way down to 1/1000ths of an inch!

The fine needle will allow you to move all the way up to about a 1 inch diameter. 

A airbrush regulator will allow you a greater degree of control over your brush. If you're interested in painting very fine detail with your brush I highly recommend that you pick one up!

Breaking this brush down for lubricating and cleaning is also very easy. You can watch this youtube tutorial to see how it's done. I strongly recommend lubricating your brush before using it; and after every major tear down and cleaning. 

Badger also sells a fantastic brand of airbrush lubricant called needle juice! Pick up a bottle, it will last a lifetime.

Parts & Repairs:

One of the best things about Badger is their lifetime labor warranty. You can read the terms here.

During my two years of ownership I have had to replace some parts that I damaged or lost. Replacement parts for this brush are very affordable and they can be ordered online here

You can refer to this schematic to determine what parts numbers you need to order.



Fantastic feel in the hand

The trigger is exceptionally smooth very easy to control

The two included needle/nozzle sizes provide flexibility  
The hopper fits roughly 5-6mls of paint at a time

Easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble

Capable of producing a range of lines from pencil thin 1/1000th of a inch lines to 1 inch diameter spray

Lifetime warrenty

Made in America

Replacement parts are inexpensive and available here  

Very modest price of $135 


Functionally identical to the cheaper Renegade Velocity, but the Krome comes with some nice additions to justify the higher price

The needles are extremely fine and easy to bend if you're not careful disassembling/assembling the brush

The ultrafine tip can choke on metallic paints

Other Thoughts:

The Krome works well as multipurpose brush; however using a cheaper brush with a broader spray may be advantageous for priming or top coating large parts.

Buy some airbrush lubricant and fully disassemble, clean and lubricate your brush every 1-2 months depending on usage

An airbrush regulator will allow you to produce a wider range of line sizes and effects.

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