Monday, April 22, 2013

One year of Gunpla by GoodGuyDan

I started this blog on 4/22/2012, so today it's one year old!

I had a difficult time writing any sort of content for this post. I'm a terrible writer, grammar aside I can't help but think that I'm unclear and the content that I develop is trite and unoriginal. 

Originally I was going to write about the things I've done over the course of the last year; Group builds, GWBC, hits on the site and so on. But after looking at it, it looks terribly self important and self congratulatory. So instead I simple want to say...

Thank you! 

To everyone who has been supportive, read my blog, asked questions, sent me emails or participated in anything I've done. Your support and readership are the reason I'll continue to develop content!

I'm looking forward to another year of kits, reviews, contests, group buys and builds!



  1. Been a pleasure to be a part of your multitude of followers and readers.

    Here's to another year of GGD awesomeness.

  2. Really? Happy birthday to your blog! It is also my birthday. I guess good things start on April 22!

  3. Congrats on a year bro! looking forward to another (and hopefully more beyond that) year of awesome updates from you :D