Saturday, July 27, 2013

Milestone in blogging and my thoughts on the continued evolution of the blog

Today I get to announce two milestones for this blog. This will be by 200th post, and in interesting coincidence the blog just reached over 200,000 page views. 

When I started this blog in April of 2012, I only wanted a place to collect my work. A simple page I could organize my work, and show people the fruits of my labors. From those uninspired beginnings the blog has grown to encompass tutorials, group buys, bro builds, and circles through google+. 

Running the blog opened many doors in the gunpla hobby for me: I became a mod on r/gunpla, I started to work with Joe from ModelGrade to provide some sweet deals for my readers, and I was invited to help relaunch ChildofMecha (My first article is up; it's a rehash of a tutorial posted on the blog, but its worth a look). 

More importantly though, blogging has provided me the opportunity to converse with fellow builders from across the world, make connections and share ideas. This blog is nothing without it's readers, so I just want to say... Thanks for following along with me, I'm really looking forwards to providing you guys and gals with more original content!


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