Saturday, October 12, 2013

GBWC gifts/prizes

Bandai was very generous with gifts to participants this year.

When I dropped my kits off on Friday I was given this set of pink tinted beam effects parts.

I know Bandai sells a similar kit, but I don't think the retail version is tinted any color. Very cool, I'll have to try to incorporate them into the next build.

At the end of the competition every builder also received a decal set for each kit entered. I displayed three kits, so I received three sets: HG Sinanju, MG GM 2.0 and MG Zaku J type.

My MG Geara Doga was the winning kit for the Best Large Scale kit. So the prize I received was the MG that Stryder Prime (the overall winner) didn't choose. He chose the MG Strike Rouge Ootori, which left me with the MG Full Armor Unicorn.

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