Sunday, September 21, 2014

HG Marasai WIP

I finalized the paint scheme of the Marasai this weekend. The paint scheme took a bit more work than I initially expected. I originally started off by using the Mech9 color scheme but after mixing the and spraying the kit using the translated ratios I found that the colors looked off. Like usual, I received some color help and advice from my SO (who I don't credit frequently enough) and repainted everything at least twice.

Hit the bump for the rest of the update.

It's not super visible in this photo but I swapped the eye camera part with a dome and painted it with silver and clear green.

The thrusters are two colors with a red detail on the inside.

Side by side seeing the Byarlant next to the Marasai it doesn't surprise me that the Byarlant trashed the Zeon Remnant forces.

Compared to the HG Gouf a 'normal sized' 0079 the Marasai has about a head over the Gouf

The next step will be to add decals. I'm planning on using decals from the RG Char Zaku, HG Sinanju, MG Char Zaku/Gelgoog, MG Gouf and DX-06 decal sheets.

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