Monday, September 1, 2014

RX 78-2 3.0 & HG Marasai Unicorn ver. WIP

RX 78-2 

I completed painting the 78 on Sunday by applying the last coat of off white to a few dozen parts. 

The kit includes enough parts to keep the core fighter out of the finished model. I handpainted the silver and black landing gear for the display.

Here are a few of the sub assemblies before decaling.

I used multiple colors on the interior of the leg to reflect different materials used in the construction of the MS. This kit has one of the best inner frames of any MG. I would strongly consider buying two models just so I could have one armor less. 

I started decaling tonight as well. I'm using Bandai's waterslide decals for this kit and I'm using the current decal scheme of the Odaiba 1/1 Gundam.  

HG Marasai

I have been working on and off on this Marasai since June. Although this unicorn version of the Marasai is fairly new, the HG Marasai this mold shares was released in 2005! Because of the age of the design I've had to hide seams and make adjustments.

The larger shoulder spikes are from the 1/100 builder parts set. I still need to clean the putty up a bit more. 

Here's the mono eye detail I decided to add. It's not adjustable, but I think it looks better than just a red dot.

The head vulcans were widened with a fine drill bit in a pin vice. 

I've also started experimenting with BMC's panel line chisels. They're more difficult to use than Tamiya's panel scriber; but they do a great job at creating channels. 

More chisel work to add detail to the knee armor

Finally I've added detail with HIQ's line of O bolts. They're simple to use, just drill a hole and insert the bolt. 

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