Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIP RG GP01-Fb Zephyranthes

I've been working on and off on this kit for a while now. A while back I talked about what I am planning on doing to the kit, and that hasn't really changed. I still anticipate modifying the decal scheme to be more reminiscent of the decal scheme on the original RX78-2 Ver Ka with the large ship designator and ESFS decals on the shoulders and similar design on the shield. I still also plan on incorporating the long beam rifle or 'ore gun' into the kit. 

I decided to incorporate more color separation into the design by masking. This kit features a lot of panel lining that creates great opportunities for breaking up the larger pieces for multiple colors.

The lower legs are a great example of this. I used off white on the top parts of the legs to match the bottoms. Then using grey I highlighted the various micro thrusters and vent structures. Similarly I used the same grey to highlight the recessed areas on the thighs, and forearms.

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