Sunday, March 6, 2016

1/48 Snow Speeder by Bandai


While the Snow speeder isn't my favorite vehicle from the Star Wars series, I did always like the faceted angular design of the hull. I built this kit several months ago and it sat partially assembled in it's box until about two weeks ago. Overall this was a very quick build that incorporated some shading and weathering techniques into the design to make it feel lived in and "real" I chose to use the Luke color scheme for the kit; but, I didn't bother to reference the  colors/weathering/etc to make it screen accurate. 

While photographing this kit I also re-shot the Bandai Tie Fighter model from last year and I felt the photos of the Tie were kinda crap. You can see those photos here. 

Kit Talk

I really liked the simplicity of construction of this model. The order of construction lends itself  well to building and painting all of the sub assemblies separately before adding them to the main model.

The detail molded into the kit is impressive: all of the control boards inside of the cockpit have raised details, and the armor panels of the exterior of the of the craft have an asymmetrical layout. The panel lines of the exterior of the craft were a little too shallow for my liking; I used a .2 chisel to deepen most of them.  

There are a fair number of areas that are not molded in color that need to be masked and painted. Decals are included for many of these panels as well the normal assortment of warning indicators.   

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