Monday, May 9, 2016

The road to 100

My blog "Gunpla by GoodGuyDan" is a little over four years old as of this post. In that time I've written nearly 400 updates, over 1.5 million viewers have checked out my work and I've posted 90 completed builds. 

100 completed kits is an important milestone to me. To me it represents; commitment, growth and perseverance. You can check out my first 90 kits using the "Completed Kits" tab at the top of the page, or by clicking this link.

My New Year's resolution and my commitment to replace a lost commission have determined the first 7 slots, and I've spent the last few months thinking about the last 3. 

91 MG Exia R2
92 HMM Liger Zero
93 HMM Liger Schneider Armor
94 Bandai X Wing
95 Bandai Y Wing
96 MG Sazabi Ver Ka
97 1/35 Zaku 2 head Char ver.
98 ??????
99 ??????
100 ??????

I hope that you will follow along as I complete these next 10 kits on my way to 100. 

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