Saturday, November 18, 2017

State of the blog 2017 and plans for 2018


With the release of the HG Bugu this month I have complete 20 kits this year! The last time I achieved this feat was in 2013! However, things are about to change. 

If you missed the live stream, or haven't seen the un-boxing or the subsequent WIP post then you won't know that I am currently working on the Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon. If you have seen the un-boxing, then you'll probably understand why the rate of content releases is going to slow down. The PG MF is a mind boggling large and detailed project, despite this I have made pretty stead progress on the build and it's almost entirely based coated!

On November 18th I am planning to be at Walt's Hobby Town in Syracuse NY at noon for the build day. I'll probably hang out and build for a few hours. If you're in the area and want to join the build day, consider stopping by.

In December I will kick off  the "colab project" with my Patrons on Patreon! Patrons will have the option to submit an entry for a collaborative project, where I'll paint a built kit they send me and mail it back! I'm going to start with one kit to begin with and create a schedule from there, it may become a recurring activity if it is well received.  If that sounds like an interesting event consider signing up as a Patron!


I'm calling 2018 the "Year of Giants". My plan is to tackle 4 large scale PG and MG kits in my backlog.  This plan almost certainly precludes completing kits in the rapid time frame you're probably used to. However if I can somehow overcome this task I'll finish the year off with another large build (PG Exia, HG Neo Zeong, MG The O, Who Knows?) and maybe a Patreon contest or giveaway...

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