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About me

Instead of writing a page about myself, and how I got involved with the hobby here's some fun Q/A

Q: When did you start modeling

A: 1990-1991 as a kid, I ruined a lot of models... I found Gunpla around 2000 just after Gundam Wing started airing on Toonami. I built off and on until getting heavily invested in 2011.

Q: What makes you happy?

  • When my dog falls asleep on my lap
  • Kissing my wife before leaving the house
  • Finishing a project/model

Q: What is model you think Bandai needs to make, or update?

A: I would really like to see a 2.0 or Ver. Ka MG Kampfer

Q: What are your favorite foods?

  • Tacos or nachos piled high with meat, veggies and hot sauce
  • Fresh Honeycrisp apples
  • Pretzels

Q: Do you have any favorite Mecha video games?

  • The PS2 era Armored Core games
  • Zone of the Enders 1&2
  • Front Mission 4
  • Zeonic Front
  • Journey to Jaburo
  • Gundam Breaker

Q: If you could retire tomorrow what would you spend your time doing?

  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Working on a project car and/or autocross/track day bro
  • Making things with my hands
  • Walking my dog
  • Gunpla

Q: What is one thing you want Bandai to start doing?

A: MG and PG kits should come with water slide decals

Q: What are your guilty pleasures?

  • Trashy sci-fi novels (Warhammer 40k, Star Wars, Battletech, etc)
  • Spending too much time on Craigslist, eBay, etc looking at potential project cars
  • Queso

Q: Who do you look up to as a Gunpla builder?


Q: Where in the world are you?

A: I currently live in the northeastern part of the United State of America

Q: Do you have a favorite Gundam series?

A: Not really, I tend to prefer the more modern shows over the old, U.C. Series timelines over alternates and I have a preference for more grounded series over the more fantastical.