Commissions are only available to my Patrons through Patreon. If you are interested in recieving a commission please see the following:

Commissions can be procured under two circumstances

1. I randomly give away free commissions to my Patrons at irregular and unannounced intervals. Commissions are given away randomly and will always be limited to a free High Grade kit up to 2500 yen. All levels of my Patron group, are included in the giveaway.

2. The "Perfect Grade" patron level entitles this person to receive a free monthly commission. This will always be limited to a High Grade kit up to 2500 yen. The Perfect Grade level is limited to one individual at a time, and they will receive the benefit of this Grade for as long as they remain at this Patron level.

Commissions always include the cost of the kit, full build, painting, detailing and decaling of the desired kit, with limited amounts of modification and weathering upon request and within reasonable expectations.