Saturday, July 19, 2014

MG Aile Strike RM

Hey guys GGD here! I haven't been feeling very well the last few days, so hopefully this WIP isn't too riddled with spelling errors.

I'm building this kit as a part of a tool review for a bunch of Excel Hobby blade products. I'm fairly far in the painting process at this point with only the grey sections of inner frame left.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Side Cutter Comparison Xuron Professionals vs Tamiya Sharp Pointed

This set of Tamiya side cutters were widely considered to be the best set of side cutters on the market. Let's see how they stack up to another set of well regarded side cutters.

Before you leave a comment telling me to get a pair of Mineshima's God Hand nippers, don't worry I have a pre-order down on a pair; I will do a comparison with those when they arrive.

Onto the comparison:

Clearly there are some differences in the physical characteristics of two side cutters.

The smaller cutting blades can definitely provide an advantage to squeezing into tight areas.

If you're interested in either set of the nippers featured in this post consider purchasing them through the link featured here. Every purchase helps me to hold contests and giveaways!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tool review Xuron 2175ET Professional Sprue Cutters Initial Impressions

I am always on the lookout for new tools to make the modeling process faster, easier or more comfortable. This set of cutters caught my eye on Amazon due to their price. Xuron side cutters have the reputation of being inexpensive but very good quality; so I was surprised to see a set of their cutters priced around $20. After reading all of the reviews on Amazon I decided to pick up a set of my own to test, I wanted to see if they lived up to the hype.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Update Nycc and Gbwc

Hey guys this is just a mini status update, unfortunately tickets for this years nycc sold out before I was able to get one. So, unfortunately I will not be going to comicon this year or competing in Gbwc occurring in NYC this year. Hopefully some of you were able to score tickets before they sold out!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

General WIP Update

This is a general work in progress update for two the kits that I have been working on.

MG Freedom

Most of the frame and armor has already been painted, but halfway through the painting the white armor parts of the kit I decided that I didn't like the way some of the panel lines I scribed turned out. Instead of ordering and waiting for replacement parts I have decided to putty the lines and paint over them. Unfortunately this requires some pretty extensive reworking, and to be honest I'm rapidly losing interest in completing this kit. If I don't complete this kit within the next 2-3 weeks, I'll likely never finish it.

Painting the grey spine of each wing requires you to individually mask both parts of each large wing. To complete this detail will require masking 8 large pieces!

Decals for the MG Freedom are pretty special due to what I assume is their rarity. I've never seen a set of water slides for a kit this old before. And if the packaging is to be believed the MG Freedom would only have been the third kit to have received a set of waterslide decals from Bandai.

I may also incorporate decals from the far newer DX-03 decal set

HG Byarlant

I'm not quite sure why this terrifyingly ugly flying lobster monster of a kit is so appealing to me, but I've decided to build another. Unlike the last Byarlant, I've decided to take my time and fuse just about every seam line I could find. Doing this has required me to get creative with the way I'm modifying the kit for easy painting and reassembly.

In addition to fusing the panel lines I'm doing some minor pla-plating for added detail in some of the recesses. I am also using putty to fill the hollows in the claws, and talons. 

The color scheme on the kit is going to be the stock sky and navy blue scheme from the anime, and I've also procured a GD-06 Gundam Unicorn decal sheet which includes the decals EFF (Earth Federation Forces) and TR (Torrington Base).

I haven't made up my mind yet, but I may build a Zeon remenant Marasai to display with this kit to mimic the latter part of the attack on Torrington scene from Unicorn Episode 3. If I go this route I'll weather both kits accordingly.

Friday, June 6, 2014

HGAC Wing Gundam Complete

This is another commission that I completed today. It's been a while since I've completed a high grade kit, but this was a nice change from some of the larger more involved kits I've worked on. In my opinion, the HG Wing is the best looking version of the classic Wing Gundam, mostly due to the proportions in the waist and torso.

This build was fairly straight forward. I made some minor modifications to hide gaps and seams using putty and pla-plate. However the painting was fairly involved to pick out the details in the chest, head and other areas.

Monday, June 2, 2014

HG Wing Weekend wip

I haven't done a weekend wip in quite a while, but I made solid progress on a commission kit this weekend that I though I would share. 

At this point nearly all of the painting is complete. Most of the small details like the head vulcans, head camera, chest vulcans, chest vent interiors, and leg vents were hand painted using brushes, tooth picks and fine modeling cotton buds. Having large hands I find working at this scale to be rather challenging (the primary reason I prefer 1/100 and larger kits).

I painted the interior of the rear skirt grey to match the 'internal' waist pieces.

The green sensor at the nose of the shield was difficult to mask due to the curved shape of the design, and unlike the MG it was not removable. It was painted with a base coat of Starbright silver with several layers of Tamiya clear green over tip. I used the same color combo for the eyes.

The interior of the shield was painted with neutral grey for added color separation.

A few other points of note:

The pads of the feet were painted grey. 

The tops of the feet had extra detail added through masking.

The interior of the knee guards were painted grey.

The large vents on the shoulders were reverse washed with black enamel.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MG RB-79 Ball ver. Ka

Background information

The RB-79 Ball is widely considered the weakest, most ineffective mobile weapons to ever be fielded during the One Year War. The ball earned the moniker "Mobile Coffin" or "Spherical Coffin" after the battle Star-One where over 1,000 RB-79s in conjunction with Magellan and Salamis-class warships were tasked with pushing the Zeon back from the Earth. 

Despite the poor reputation the Ball had with pilots, it had several distinct tactical advantages over contemporary Mobile Suits. The smaller form factor of the Ball made it a more difficult target to hit over its larger contemporaries. The Ball weighed in at 17.2 tons, less than half the weight of a GM at 41.2 tons. The weight savings provides the ball with better acceleration characteristics (.96G) to that of a GM (.94G). The Ball cost considerably less than contemporary MS of the era, the production cost of the vanilla RX-79 GM was four time greater than that of the Ball. 

The Ball did have several short comings: the armor of the Ball was notoriously weak, the directed solid explosive thrusters used for quick maneuvering had an extremely limited number of uses, and the ball lacked any close range combat weapons aside from the manipulators.


The paint scheme I chose for this kit was a homage to the periwinkle color of the ball in the original MSG. I also decided to pull inspiration from the RG line by painting certain panels In a different darker color. 



The main color is white with a touch of grey and blue. 
The darker main color is the same mix, but with more grey and blue. 
Some panel colors are in neutral grey
The hatch and side details are bright red


The interior is Alcad's magnesium or Neutral grey, these areas were lightly dry brushed with an enamel silver to bring out the detail.
I also painted enamel, red, silver and gold to highlight panels throughout the frame.


The decals used on this kit are from the MG RB-79K Ball (the orange ball from 8th MS Team) and from the EFSF decal set DX-04. The decals from the 79K were all modified to remove the K from any labels, I included the "arrow through the heart" from the DX-04 for a little variety.

Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MG Crossbone X2 Ver. Ka Completed!

I've finally finished the Crossbone X2. The Crossbone kit (Ka, Full Cloth, X2 and X3) is a bit dated and requires more effort than many newer kits; you'll need to employ masking, reverse washing and a few other techniques to achieve the 'side of the box' look. 

Instead of doing one large text blob at the top, I'm going to include notes relative to the images below. Enjoy the photos!

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