Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The reasons why I won't buy a PG Unicorn at launch

This is an opinion piece so keep in mind the content of this article is based on my thoughts, aesthetics and speculation.


This has been my slowest year doing gunpla in terms of building and buying new kits. Despite only purchasing a few kits and selling off many more I still have a backlog including the 2012 holiday release the MG Nu Gundam ver ka and the 2013 holiday release the MG Sazabi ver ka. Both of those holiday kits have been sitting on my self since their release.

Standard release

Based on current information both the PG Unicorn and the seperate LED set seem to be standard releases. The nice thing about Bandai is that they never seem to stop manufacturing standard release kits.


The vanilla RX-0 Unicorn with red psycho frame is actually my least favorite version of the Unicorn.


Bandai often releases many color variations of the same model with (relatively) small variations. This makes good business sense because Bandai likely invests a significant amount of time, money and personnel into the R&D required to develope each kit. Every variation of a given kit allows Bandai to gain more value out of their investment.

The MG  Unicorn is definitely one of the most reissued kits Bandai has produced to date. Here's a probably incomplete list of all of the MG Unicorn based kits:

Unicorn ver ka
Unicorn ver ka Titanium Finish
Unicorn OVA
Unicorn MS cage version
Unicorn Full Armor ver ka
P-Bandai Unicorn Full Armor clear version
P-Bandai Unicorn Full Armor red psycho frame version
Banshee OVA
Banshee OVA Titanium Finish
P-Bandai Banshee Final Battle/ver Ka
P-Bandai Banshee Norn

Based on this I anticipate that Bandai is going to eventually release variations of the Unicorn kit similar to how the PG Strike Rouge was a variation to the PG Strike. Technically the PG Red Frame and even the Strike Freedom also share some similarities to the PG Strike's inner frame.

My hope is for a PG Full armor version down the line since the current PG Unicorn already has most of the FA's weapon systems (gatling guns, hyper bazooka and beam magnum) included with it. 

What are your thoughts

Are you going to buy the kit on release?

Is there a version of the Unicorn that you really want to see made?

Would you be willing to purchase a PG Full Armor Unicorn?

Leave a comment below, I would like to know what my readers think about the PG Unicorn!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Attack on Torrington winner announced

The randomly selected winner is Leo! He submitted a HG Unicorn (unicorn mode). 

For everyone that submitted but didn't win, don't worry I'll have more giveaways in the future.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIP RG GP01-Fb Zephyranthes

I've been working on and off on this kit for a while now. A while back I talked about what I am planning on doing to the kit, and that hasn't really changed. I still anticipate modifying the decal scheme to be more reminiscent of the decal scheme on the original RX78-2 Ver Ka with the large ship designator and ESFS decals on the shoulders and similar design on the shield. I still also plan on incorporating the long beam rifle or 'ore gun' into the kit. 

I decided to incorporate more color separation into the design by masking. This kit features a lot of panel lining that creates great opportunities for breaking up the larger pieces for multiple colors.

The lower legs are a great example of this. I used off white on the top parts of the legs to match the bottoms. Then using grey I highlighted the various micro thrusters and vent structures. Similarly I used the same grey to highlight the recessed areas on the thighs, and forearms.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HG Marasai Complete

MS Lore

The RMS-108 Marasai is a second generation mobile suit designed and manufactured by Anaheim Electronics. The Marasai was developed using Zeon design principles, which are clearly evident in the final look of the mobile suit. Compared to the older generation mobile suits of the One Year War the Marasai features many important improvements such as a movable frame, gundarium alloy armor, a more powerful fusion reactor and an array of beam weaponry.

Although originally designed for the AEUG the Titans pressured Anaheim Electronics into providing the Marasai as a Titans mobile suit. The Marasai was used almost exclusively by the. Titans until the end of the Gryps Conflict. After which, the Marasai was quickly retired as the Earth Federal Forces wanted to to distance themselves from the reputation of the Titans. Many of the retired Marasai eventually found their way into the ranks of Neo Zeon; either through salvage, theft or purchase from corrupt EFSF officers and politicians. After the first Neo Zeon war, many of the Marasai were destroyed. However a few more still remained in the hands of the Zeon remnant forces on Earth. While in the hands of the Zeon remnants many of the Marasai received additional upgrades and retrofits while the remnants waited and bided their time.

This Marasai is equipped with a Feyadeen rifle which were originally equipped on the RX-110 Gabthley; as well as a "Sea Serpent" a wire guided grappler capable of using electrical shocks to cripple an enemy mobile suit. On an interesting note the Feyadeen rifle had a higher output than Zeta Gundam's standard beam rifle despite both being designed and built around the same time.

Monday, September 29, 2014

HG Byarlant Custom Complete

MS Lore

The RX-160S Byarlant Custom is an interesting beast. Like the Delta plus or some of the older Zeta series the Byarlant Custom was design for sustained atmospheric flight. Unlike those nimble mobile suits however, the Byarlant Custom doesn't rely on aerodynamic wings, instead it brute forces its way through the atmosphere with an array of enhanced thruster units placed all over the body. To offset the huge rate of fuel consumption the Byarlant Custom mounts two massive fuel tanks on the back mounted thrusters.  

The Byarlant is sort of hulking chimera monster of a MS. It features parts from the RX-110 Gabthley, and NRX-055 Baund Doc and new head optics retro fitted onto the original RX-160 Byarlant chassis. Unfortunately one aspect of the original Byarlant that wasn't corrected was the armament. The Byarlant Custom is sorely lacking in the firepower department only featuring two lower powered rapid fire Mega Particle Cannons that also function as Beam Saber emitters; and two monstrous claws that the Byarlant was essentially able to use to bludgeon a Zee Zulu into submission with. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Attack on Torrington Base Give Away

I've decided to hold a quick and simple give away for my readers. 

This giveaway is open to any of my readers in the US that are subscribed to this blog. To participate you will need to email me two photos of any MS involved on the Assault on Torrington during Unicorn Episode 4. One photo must include your name and the email address you be submitting your photos from on a piece of paper near or on your kit. You can email me by using the contact me button at the top of the page.

Some examples of MS involved in the Battle of Torrington are:

Zeon Remnants

Zaku 1 Sniper Type
Zaku Cannon
Zaku Mariner


Byarlant Custom
Delta Plus
GM II Semi Striker

I'll accept any MS that you can provide a screen shot of that MS during the Battle of Torrington!

The winner will be chosen on 10/11/14 at random and the HG Marasai above will be shipped out at no charge.

Best of luck to everyone that decides to participate !

Sunday, September 21, 2014

HG Marasai WIP

I finalized the paint scheme of the Marasai this weekend. The paint scheme took a bit more work than I initially expected. I originally started off by using the Mech9 color scheme but after mixing the and spraying the kit using the translated ratios I found that the colors looked off. Like usual, I received some color help and advice from my SO (who I don't credit frequently enough) and repainted everything at least twice.

Hit the bump for the rest of the update.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

WIP HG Byarlant Custom and HG Marasai

With all of the progress I've made modifying the HG Marasai lately I decided to go back and finish working on the kit that kick started the Marasai project; the HG Byarlant Custom.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

MG RX 78-2 3.0 Commission Complete


This model is a commission build from my oldest customer. Previously I also built the MG Heavyarms, MG Deathscythe and MG Ground Gundam featured on the site for him. His request for this model was an out of the box build. My goal for this kit was to create a super clean finish that really highlighted the part separation and details of the 3.0 design. I can say in complete modesty that this is the cleanest build I have ever created, and I'm quite proud of the finished product.

I took this kit to the nth degree by separating the frame components out into different colors for added detail where the armor splits or is otherwise revealed. I did a lot of hand brushing on smaller details like pilots, screens and raised details in the frame. Check out the WIP posts for detailed disassembled photos. This kit received 3 coats (nearly 40mls) of my special blend of matte coat to give it a solid protective finish.   


In no particular order: (All paints are pure lacquer colors unless otherwise noted)

Neutral Greyish White 85% white + 15% Neutral Grey 
Warm Greyish White 90% white + 10% Warm Grey
Royal Blue
Sky Blue
Light Red 90% 10 White
Yellow 90% Yellow 9% Orange 1% Red
Neutral Grey
Warm Grey
Star Bright Iron
Star Bright Bronze
Star Bright Silver
Gold (enamel)
Grey (enamel)
Black (enamel)
Silver (enamel)
Clear Green (acrylic)
Clear Red (acrylic)

Hit the bump for the full photo dump

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