Wednesday, January 22, 2020

HG Gundam F91


I realize that this is a little late for 2019, however, it’s better late than never! Guss Submitted this modified HG F91 for the fourth Collab round of 2019. If you’re unfamiliar with the Collab concept, it’s a collaboration I run for my Patrons. I run the collab four times a year. Once the kit is painted I ship it back to my collaboration partner along with a little thank you gift. 

Like every collab, I really didn’t have a plan for this model’s paint scheme until it arrived.  

Kit Talk:

There isn’t much to say about this model since my collab partner GunplaGuss handled the construction and modification.  Like always I leave all the sanding and cleanup to my collab partner. Once the kit arrived I stripped it down and gave the kit a thorough cleaning before starting the painting and priming process.

A couple of constructive criticism points for Guss, (and anyone else interested in learning). When you fuse parts, make sure you sand them thoroughly afterward. The fused line should be level with the surrounding plastic. I noticed a fingerprint left during the gluing process, you can sand them out after the plastic has cured. Otherwise, good job! 

The color scheme I went with was more of a slight color swap than anything else. Guss asked for purple, and originally I started with a mixture of lavender and light blue, however, I wasn’t happy with the color. I repainted these parts with a mixture of lavender, light blue, and violet. The resulting color is a ‘blurply, bluey, periwinkle’. 

This kit required a lot of masking for all of the yellow color apps. The F91 features many of these vents on the shoulders, forearms, waist and legs. They do a decent job of breaking up the steel white. I chose neutral gray #5 for a darker inner-frame color. Along with the masking, this required a lot of hand brushed black paint. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

1/5000 Star Destroyer


It’s strange that every time I look at this completed kit I start to hear the ‘Imperial March’ in my head. I grew up with Star Wars, like a lot of people my age the original Trilogy was my introduction to the series and Scifi as a genre. When one of my buddies turned me on to this upcoming release I preordered it immediately. 

There are currently two versions of the Bandai 1:5000 Star Destroyer, one includes LEDs the other does not. If you’re already comfortable with wiring up LEDs I’d recommend the base model, but if you want something that looks good right out of the box. The LED version is the way to go. This is the LED version of the kit.  

This is the 28th and last build of 2019! It was a really nice kit to end the year on. 

Kit Talk:

One reason I love the Star Wars kits from Bandai is their simplicity. These models take comparatively little time to build and paint. There are no inner frames, or intense articulation to worry about (excluding the 1/12 figures). This model was built in a single sitting on stream and painted in basically one afternoon including the masking the hull several times. Building this kit has reminded me how much I like working on this line, and I’m seriously considering building several more Star Wars models next year. 

I painted this kit using the following process:

Gray Primer

Base coated the entire model with Neutral Gray #5 (almost black)

Several thin layers of Neutral Gray #3 including highlighting raised areas

The first layer of masking for the ‘aztecing’ 

Several thing layers of Neutral Gray #1 & 2 with additionally masking for ‘aztecing’

Removed all the masking

A final thin layer of Neutral Gray 1 & 2 to blend the ‘aztecing’ with the rest of the hull colors

I realize the term ‘aztecing’ is more of a Star Trek thing, but the idea is the same. I used a variety of grey tones masked in simple geometric shapes to break up the giant field of gray.

The process is pretty fun and I think the shading turned well, the hull has plenty of color variation and a decent patina without looking completely filthy. If anything I should have applied another thin layer of grey to some of the darker patches to reduce the contrast and tie everything together better.  

Sunday, December 29, 2019

RG Unicorn Gundam Ver. TWC [Lighting Model]


Have you been to Odaiba? Have you seen the 1:1 Unicorn in person? I haven’t, but with this little guy in my collection, I feel like I have a little piece of that experience in my own home. 

This kit (unsurprisingly) is mostly the RG Unicorn with a new inner frame, some translucent white psycho frame parts and a series of LEDs. As a result, you end up with a lot of leftover spare parts for kitbashing for replacements. 

The assembly and wiring of this kit are very straight forward and the LEDs are wired into a flexible frame so there is no wire management needed. Everything just sort of ‘works’ with little effort. My one critique of this kit is that I really wish the LEDs produced a cool green instead of this warm yellow/green color we have.  

Kit Talk:

There isn’t much to say about the Unicorn at this point. I’ve built so many of them that I could assemble one blindfolded. 

One thing I was a bit disappointed by was that this kit didn’t include a set of water slide decals. This version of the Unicorn, of course, has a different decal scheme, and I couldn’t find an acceptable set of 3rd party waterslides to duplicate the 1:1 Unicorn. Instead, I fell back on the classic Katoki decal scheme by way of the HG decal set. 

Color Guide:

White: Gaiacolor White
Blue: Gaiacolor Ultra Blue mixed with Cobalt Blue
Grey: Gaiacolor Neutral Gray 4 mixed with Neutral Gray 5
Yellow: Gaiacolor Sunshine Yellow
Metal: Gaiacolor Gunmetal

Thursday, December 26, 2019

MG Stormbringer


In my opinion, the Stormbringer is one of only a few good designs to come out of Build Divers. But, it’s also a design that I’ve gradually cooled on, the line art for the design is fantastic, but the model doesn’t quite live up to that. The Stormbringer is based on the GM Turbulence, which is in turn based on the GM Dominator and GM Sniper II. The Stormbringer, therefore, has many of the same proportions and styling cues as those other models.

Kit Talk:

There are a few problems with the Stormbringer that needed to be fixed. The side boosters on the calf of each leg have a nasty seam line about 2/3rds of the way across the part. Fusing this seam was a challenge due to the details present. Additionally, there was a nasty gap in the front of the ankle guards. I fixed the gap by painting the grey and white parts separate, fusing the two halve of the white armor together and then painting the white parts 

During the final assembly, I noticed that the arms and shoulders had become very floppy. It made posing the kit rather difficult as a result. 

I based the color scheme of my kit on the ‘animation’ colors of the Gundam. The bright colors are somewhere between a pastel and fluorescent color.  

Color Guide:

White: Nazca Steel White
Blue: Gundam Color or Builders Blue
Red: Gundam Color or Builders Red
Yellow: Gundam Color or Builders Yellow + White
Grey: Neutral Gray 3 + Neutral Gray 4
Dark Grey: Neutral Gray 5 + Neutral Gray 4

Sensor Green: Mr. Color Clear Green over a base of silver 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

RG Tallgeese III


This is the very first opportunity that I’ve had to build a Tallgeese III. I’m personally a big fan of the Massive Mallard Duo, but the Leggy Honk Trois has its appeal. Unfortunately, like other recent versions of the Elevated Fowl Drei, this version was a P-Bandai exclusive. Fortunately it seems to have received a fairly wide release within the US, so hopefully you’ve already had a chance to pick up a Stretched Duck Tres for yourself. 

Kit Talk:

This kit was built mostly out of box. Like most of the RGs, there are very few seam lines or other things that must be ‘fixed’ on this model kit to get it looking right. 

This model is partially molded using gloss injection; a lot of people may be familiar with this type of plastic from the RG Sinanju. I opted to keep the stock color scheme of the Sizable Swan San including repaint most of those glossy areas. I think this choice to use glossy paint gives the Colossal Cygnus 3 a regal and knightly appearance. I only needed to mask on small area of this kit. The ‘Ultra blue’ “sideburns” on either side of the face are molded in white, but appear blue of the cover art. Panel lining on this kit was done using Tamiya’s enamel ‘Sky Blue’ color. I will be experimenting more with color panel lining in the future.

Color Guide:

White: Gaianotes Ultimate White
Off White: Nazca Steel White
Frame Gray: Neutral Gray, Yellow, Brown
Blue: Gaianotes Ultra Blue
Yellow: Gaianotes Sunshine Yellow
Red: Bright Red
Verniers: Dark Stainless Steel

The decals from this kit are from Delpi Decals. Delpi Decals is quickly becoming my favorite source for decals; their print resolution and the detail featured on these decals is top notch. They likely rival if not surpasses Bandai’s own decals at times.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

High Grade Sandrock Gundam


About eighteen years ago, I picked up my first Gundam model kit from a Walmart or ToysRUs. I can’t remember which model was my ‘first’ but I think I’ve narrowed it down to the 1/100 HG Wing, ‘no grade’ Tallgeese or Sandrock. As a result, this brand new 1/144 High-Grade Sandrock felt very nostalgic. I’m hoping that Bandai will hurry up the other suits from Gundam Wing so I can complete my nostalgia trip  

Kit Talk:

This kit is very basic, the part count is fairly low, there are some seam lines to contend with and some masking that needs to be done. Despite all that, I think it’s a very nice design and a well-rounded kit. 

One element that I thought was off was the height of the neck. With the stock piece, this kit looks a little stretched. I cut about 2mm out of poly cap before gluing it back together. The left 'before' image is from Dalong and the right is my 'after' image.

I also took the time to rescribe some of the edge detail on the legs and ankle guards. I wasn’t convinced there was enough for the panel wash to grab onto. 

If you look at all the work collected here on my site, you’re going to see that I don’t shade kits very often. I don’t really care for the way it looks, and while it’s not a difficult technique, it’s time-consuming. Despite that, I do periodically use this technique as a form of creative ‘exercise’. 

I started by shaded the white, and grey areas with a violet purple color; the dark blue of the armor started with black and they yellow with scarlet. Those colors were then base coated and blended with their respective colors. The grey and dark blue areas also received a slight highlight in places. 

No decals for this kit, I think that kits can look too busy with both shading and decals. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

RG Nu Gundam JoJoHobbyNStuff Custom


A little over a year ago when the RG Sazabi was released, everyone was speculating on a future RG Nu Gundam Release date. A year later, the RG Nu was met with a serious amount of hype and a lot of praise. It's all one-hundred-percent deserved; the RG Nu is a fantastic build. If you haven't picked one up I strongly urge you to stop here, and order the kit (preferably through my link below!).

Kit Talk:

Much like the RG Sazabi Shin gave me a bit of direction on where he wanted the color scheme to go. It was a pretty broad description "White, with a glowing blue", a "light counter to the nearly black RG Sazabi". Unfortunately, the glowing blue that we really wanted (Gaia Color AR-01) wasn't available, so instead, we settled on something equally bright, but not 'glowing'.

The color scheme features white, and three off white colors including, Nazca 'Steel White', 'Neutral Gray #'1 and 'Pearl Silver', the pearl effect, however, is not visible.

The gray inner frame is a combination of 'Neutral Gray #3, 'Nazca Frame Gray' and 'Gunmetal'.

The V-fin and crotch marking are both painted with 'Gaia's Pearl Gold'. It's a really neat color that benefits from being moved around in the light. The sensors in the head are 'Mr. Crystal Color Sapphire Blue' over a base of 'Gloss Black'.

Decals are a combination of HIQ generic markings, and decals from the HG Unicorn, with a few blue MG Exia and Qan[t] decals thrown in for good measure. 

JojoHobbyNStuff rush ordered one of these kits so that I could built it for you over my Twitch channel. Show them (and me) some love by picking up this kit, or anything else using coupon code 'GoodGunpla'! This coupon will save you 15% on just about everything in stock through the end of 2019!

Hit the bump to see all the photos of the RG Nu Gundam!

Monday, November 4, 2019

MG MS-06R Zaku II High Mobility Type (Reuse "P" Device) aka Psycho Zaku


If you have caught any of the YouTube, or blog posts talking about my 2018 plans; then you'd know I'm building a bunch of gigantic kits for 'The Year of Giants". The Psycho Zaku was first on the list, and it's unsurprisingly massive. So massive, that it cannot fit into my Ikea Detolf shelf with the fuel booster attached!

The 'Psycho' Zaku is an experimental unit equipped with a next generation operating system. This new system is able to integrate the pilot directly into the mobile suit; allowing them to control the suit directly via their thoughts. Even rookie pilots are able to master the controls in a very short period of time. Unfortunately there's is a gruesome price that must be paid for this advantage. To take fully integrate with the system, the pilot must be quadruple amputee to fully harness the power of this mobile suit.

Kit Talk:

I approached this kit with the intent of finishing it in three stages:
  1. Weapons
  2. Fuel Tanks
  3. Mobile Suit

The mobile suit part of the kit was very straight forward, as it is essentially a Zaku 2.0 kit with some extra doodads and new parts. I wasn't sure about all of the gold details on the kit, and I chose to paint the thruster bells with a two color gray and gold scheme. After everything was assembled I really grew to like the embellishment that they provide.

The joint covers are a tad bit frustrating, and the power piper covers were a bigger pain in the butt. 

I've been experimenting with mono-eyes over the last year. I have used: detail parts, aurora domes, scribing and painting to create new effects. With this kit I tried a new technique, a simple white dot place slightly off center. It's a really basic effect, but I like it. In future projects I think I may take the technique further by hand painting for lens detail and coating it with a clear color.  

I chose to hand paint a few details on this kit like: the gray belting on the legs and several of the small circular divots found all over the kit. They're small details, but small details make a good kit great. 


I used the following colors on the kit. 

  • Main body: Gaia Color 003 Bright Red
  • Knees, feet, hands, etc: Gaia Color 061 Midnight Blue
  • Thrusters & details: Gaia Color 122 Star Bright Gold
  • Chest, biceps and details: Custom mixed orange (Identical to the orange used on the Thunderbolt Gundam)
  • Joints & weapons: Gaia Color 073 or 074 Neutral Gray 3 or 4 
  • Fuel tanks & backpack: Custom mixed Gaia Color 014 Natural Brown & 02 Black 
  • Details & thruster covers: Gaia Color 71 Neutral Gray 1
  • Topcoat: Gaia Color 008 Flat Clear

If you like my work and would like to help me out, consider purchasing this and other kits from Amazon using this link or others featured on my site. Every purchase helps me out considerably and it doesn't cost you a dime!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Gunpla For Good Gunpla Ornaments for Charity

I am very happy to announce that my last charity even for 2019 is now complete! Starting next week I will list these five Petite Bear Guys and five Haros over on Ebay's charity auction website. 100% of proceeds will be donated directly to Toys for Tots! Every ornament featured here will start at just $5, so I hope many of you will participate! Each and every kit has been painted and fitted with an ornament hook, just add string and enjoy! I'll have photos of each ornament below, I hope that you find a favorite color!

Keep an eye on my Twitter and Discord for the auction start date!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

FF-X29A G-Parts[Hrududu]/RX-121-1+FF-X29A Gundam TR-1 Hazel-Rah


In case you're wondering... no, a cat didn't wander across my keyboard, that whole mess of a model number is the Hazel-Rah's model number. The HG Hurududu isn't much to write home about, it's real purpose is to be combined with other kits from the AOZ series. In the basis G-Parts form the Hurududu looks somewhat like a fighter craft. 

I didn't realize until too late that you can combine two Hurududus along with some other components to make the second form of the Hazel-Rah. So here's the slightly less awesome Hazel-Rah.

Kit Talk:

Fun fact, there is a older version of the 1/144 Hurududu out there. Danny Choo has an article up for it here:

Compared to that old magazine pack in, this model is way easier to assemble and paint. However, there are still come seam lines, and masking that should be done to create a better finish. Also included with this kit are a small selection of water slide decals! I'm always excited to see these included with a kit!

I built this at the same time as the HG Hazel I posted a few weeks ago. All colors are therefor consistent across the two kits for obvious reasons. 

These models are still available through JoJoHobbynStuff! You can pick up one (or two) today at a discount using my coupon code "GoodGunpla"!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

RMS-117 Galbaldy β Collab Project


I am happy to say that this is my third completed patron collaboration for 2019. If you would like to participate in future collaborative projects please consider signing up to support me over on! I have one more collab planned before the year is done. I hope that you will join us for the next round!

My patron Sebastian submitted his Glabaldy for this round of the collab. I've wanted to paint up a Galbaldy since the HG was announced, but I never quite got around to picking one up. Sebastian had very clearly put a lot of effort into his kit. He used panel line scribing to hide seam lines, and photo etched parts to add detail. All in, he put a lot of effort into his build and it was a blast to work on! Thanks Sebastian!

Kit Talk:

When this kit arrived I still didn't have a strong concept in mind. However, I've always thought that the Galbaldy looked a lot like Zeon's Gelgoog. From there the scheme developed. I really like the combination of green colors I mixed up for the kit. It gives the Galbaldy a striking 'army man' feel. The separation of colors suits the design of the mobile suit as well. After airbrushing the primary colors I hand painted Vallejo's 'Phantom Gray' into a few areas on the body.

The kit arrived with out the 'belly button' hatch, I made a replacement from Koto MSG parts I had around. I also added a HIQ dome after painting it red to make the head 'pop'. Decals came for a 1/144 HIQ marking set, with the exception of the Neo Zeon emblem on the rear skirt. I wanted the completed mech to look like Neo Zeon had 'acquired' this MS after the Gryps Conflict.

I am happy to say that this is my third completed patron collaboration for 2019. If you would like to participate in future collaborative projects please consider signing up to support me over on!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

HG RX 121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom Gundam


I don't really know much about Advance of Zeta. I know that the Titans Test Team experimented with mobile suits to help their faction to gain an edge in battle. I know the names of the mobile suits are a reference to the Richard Adams book: Watership Down. And I know that the Hazel is less of a Gundam and more of a fancy pants GM.

The Gundam Hazel Custom (not to be confused with the Hazel Gundam, Advanced Hazel Gundam or Hazel II Gundam) is the repaired form of the Rx 121 Hazel which is based on the GM Quel. And... at this point I expect my audience's eyes to glaze over. Yes, the AOZ MS names are irritating and I can't be bothered to write more of the development history out. Suffice to say: rabbit team add parts to robot and robot fight good. 

Kit Talk:

This is the P-Bandai re-release of the HG Hazel. It's the same kit from 10-15 years ago but it does include parts that can be used to bash the Wound Wort onto it and some water slides decals.

The HG Hazel is a rough kit, It has more than a few seam lines these are present on the shoulders, arms, weapons, feet among other areas. Some of the seam lines like the fore arms took some clever thinking to fix.

You can also expect that a fair amount of masking and painting will be necessary to hit all of the color applications. Hand painting was an absolute must to hit smaller details like the gray cross members in the mohawk.

On the flip side this kit can be combined with a few others like the Primrose and Hurududu (expect that one in a few weeks) to make some cool combos.

Also I want to point out how absolutely amazing the decal details are on this little guy. I had to bring out the macro lens to capture everything!

I purchased this kit through JojoHobbyNStuff! Show them (and me) some love by picking up this kit, or anything else using coupon code 'GoodGunpla'! This coupon will save you 10% on just about everything in stock! And every purchase helps to support me too!

Also if you like what I did with this kit. Then you should check out my Etsy page. This kit along with the Hurududu will likely be for sale in a few weeks. I have a bunch of other cool Gundam stuff for sale too!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

RG Crossbone Gundam X-1


Nope, still haven't read the Crossbone Manga. But, hey 'Giant Pirate Robot' is an interesting enough concept for me. Like the Master Grade one of the best elements of the RG Crossbone are the host of weapons and elements included with this kit. It has a plethora of melee and ranged weapons, some great beam effects and a sweet poncho.

Kit Talk:

This was a pretty quick and basic build. I opted to 'RG-ify' the paint scheme by using a light grey in addition to the white to break up the larger areas. The red 'scars' by the eyes were painted tamiya's red enamel using a reverse wash. Many of the beam effects (particularly the shield) were painted with various pearl paints to reflect different colors at different angles.

The cloak was shaded using post and pre-shading along with using black pastels to create low lights.

Decals are from Flaming Snow by way of HobbyFrontline. The decals are of decent quality but I would have preferred to have the gold decals printed in Yellow instead of the gold.

JojoHobbyNStuff was able to get me this kit in advance of the official US release. So, show them (and me) some love by picking up this kit, or anything else using coupon code 'GoodGunpla'! This coupon will save you 10% on just about everything in stock!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

MG RGM-89D Jegan Type-D (Camouflage Ver.)


I've you watched any of my streams for more than five minutes, you'll know that I very strong opinions about the Jegan. And if you're hoping that after building the MG Jegan that I would have gain some new perspective and respect for the design; then you would absolutely be mistaken. The Jegan is perhaps my least favorite design for any mobile suit across the Gundam franchise. It's remarkably ugly, It's curvy in all the wrong places and the color schemes reminds me of feeling nauseous.

The Master Grade model is pretty uninspired too.

On a more serious note on 8/28/2019 I will be adding this kit to my eBay auction. All proceeds from that auction will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Life Line. I feel very strongly about supporting this charity and if you would like to participate in this auction please keep your eyes on my social media pages. The auction will start at the MSRP that I paid for this kit ($45), the auction run for 5 days ending on September 1st. 

I hope that you will join me for this very special charity event. 

Kit Talk:

I think it's pretty obvious that the color scheme has been updated. If you've made it to the end of Gundam Unicorn you may recognize this Camouflaged version of the Jegan otherwise known as the 'Cheyenne Type'. It appears for all of ten seconds in one scene. However during those 10 seconds I learned how a color scheme could change a mobile suit from being repulsive to merely tolerable.

The blocky splinter/dazzle camo scheme helps to break up the large featureless chunks of armor that Bandai couldn't be bother to put any effort into. My favorite element of this kit is the asymmetric design of the camo. The design looks like the Federation's camo painter got half way through and just thought 'screw it' and gave up. 

The armor was further enhanced using various weather techniques including: filters, dry brushing, streaking, decal weathering and sponge chipping. The Jegan feels awfully at home cover in other gunk and detritus like all the other garbage.

If you like this suit and want to buy one, then you have poor taste and should be ashamed, I've included links to some good kits in here instead 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

T-Shirt designs are live on Etsy!

I now have a few Gundam x Texas T-shirt designs up on my Etsy page!

They're both available in a range of colors and sizes. Grab one today!

Click the images below:

image 2

Stickers, patches, kits and more are all still available too

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