Friday, December 28, 2018

HG MS-15KG Gyan Krieger


The MS-15Kg Gyan Krieger is a mobile suit featured in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren's Greed. The design is clearly descended from the YMS-15 Gyan. And as you would expect, the Gyan Krieger was a close combat powerhouse. The Gyan Krieger comes equipped with a beam lance and a multipurpose shield. Mounted under the shield is a twin beam gun, on the front of the shield, a 4 tube grenade launcher is equipped.

This model kit was released as a part of the P-Bandai line. Which is unfortunate considering that most of the plates included in the box are exclusive to this model.

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Kit Talk:

I really love the regal design of the Krieger, and I think that this model would look fantastic in a metallic silver like a knight of yore. But since I just ordered a bottle of lavender, I knew what I had to do!

This model was painted primarily in Gaia Color's Lavender, Neutral Gray 4, Neutral Gray 5, Red and Gun Metal. The decals I used came from the Gundam The Origin Multi-Pack. I kept the scheme very simple.

A fair bit of masking was needed to separate the gray and red elements inside of the shoulder vents. The same goes for the green sensor lenses in the backpack.

The mono eye is an aurora dome taken from HIQ and painted lightly with clear red.

Friday, December 21, 2018

HG AMS 123X-X Moon Gundam


I really think the name 'Moon Gundam' is dumb. But, I didn't let that color my opinion of this mobile suit. This model is an example of the new innovations Bandai is pushing into the high-grade lineup. My favorite feature is the excellent moving detail built into the legs. The legs, in general, are a real treat to build.

Despite being an early prototype for Char's generously sized Sazabi, The Moon Gundam is only about 22 meters tall. This mobile suit features many design flairs seen in the Sazabi such as the oversized shoulders, skirt mounted verniers/vents waist piping and the rack style backpack. The weaponry is even similar with and includes a beam shot rifle and unusual hybrid beam saber.

Kit Talk:

This was originally going to be a really quick basic paint job. But, one day I picked up my .15mm scriber and I just started tracing the elements of this build. After that, I committed myself to a slightly more complex build. 

The 'Psycho Plates' were painted with a combination of clear red, prism red, and semi-gloss. In person, it catches and reflects the light in a neat way. But, unfortunately, it's not really visible on camera. 

The rest of the kit was painted with a combination of Gaia colors such as neutral gray #2, cobalt blue, and neutral gray #5. I hand painted the red elements on the head and lower legs with Vallejo. And, I used Vallejo Mecha color Phantom Grey was for the various grey details on the head, body and psycho plates.  

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

HG Gundam Love Phantom


This is the fourth patron collaboration I’ve done since starting the program at the end of 2017. The 'collab' is a program where patrons submit their built kits for consideration, I then choose a kit from the pool of submittals, paint it and send it back its owner. I’ve really grown fond of this program and I hope as time goes on we have more and more submissions!

This kit was sent to me by Violet, she did a good job of putting this one together, fusing seam lines and sharpening elements. I have a critique of her build here on my YouTube channel if you want to gain a little insight into what I look for in a cleanly built kit. I don’t think I will shock anyone when I say that I didn’t really care for Gundam Build Divers. Sure, it's ‘harmless’, but it also felt like low effort filler series between bigger and better series. There were some interesting MS designs to come out of the series. But, none of the kits really ‘wowed’ me including this MS design.

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Kit talk:

Since Violet has sent this kit to me completely built I don’t have too much to say here.

The paint scheme I ended up using is inspired by the color schemes of the following kits: Deathscythe Hell, Blitz, and X2. The design feels most like the Deathscythe Hell despite being made mostly from Strike Freedom parts.

The high center of gravity caused by the inverted Strike Noir’s wings makes this kit very difficult to stand up on its own.

For the sake of safety, consistency, and ease of photography I opted to support this kit using a stand. If you’re considering picking this model up I would strongly recommend using a stand.