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1/35 Black Tri-Stars Zaku II Head

New Years Resolution: 2016 is the year I end my backlog

HG G-Self Perfect Pack

Unboxing PG Banshee Expansion Set Armed Armor VN & BS

2 Min Review: 1/48 Unicorn & Banshee Display Heads

1/12 Darth Vader

2 Min Review 1/100 Over Flag

MG Ex-s Extraordinary Superior Gundam

2015 Good Guy Competition Winners

2 Min Review HG Grimoire

2015 Good Guy Competition Entries

MG Ex-S WIP part 4

MG Ex-S WIP part 3

Meta update: hard driver failures and lost data.

Two Minute Review: 1/72 Tie Fighter

MG Ex-S WIP part 2

Two Minute Review: MG 00 Raiser & MG 00 Seven Sword/G

Two Minute Review: Rock & Roll

Two Minute Review: Metal Gear Ray Review

2015 Good Guy Competition Update 1

MG Ex-S WIP part 1

Website Update

2 Minute Review: RG Exia Repair

2 Minute review: HG Silver Bullet

HG Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode]

The next commission is going to be (Ex-S)cessive

1/48 Unicorn Head Display

1/100 Overflag

Weekend Wip 8/16/15

HG Grimoire Basic Part 5: Detailing

HG Grimioire