2015 Good Guy Competition Winners

After reviewing all of the entries this year the judges have rendered their selections. The judges this year are: Clem from Those Gundam Guys and inventor of Clemstripping, Joe The operator of my favorite hobby shop Modelgrade.net and me Dan owner of GunplabyGoodGuyDan.

Each of the 3 winners will receive a $30 dollar gift certificate to ModelGrade.net!

Best in Show:

Big Daddy Z'Gok by Joe K.

Clem's comments:

The amount of mods and the execution of the mods really put this kit above all the other entries.  The Batman/Robin was VERY close, but just loses out because of the mods and execution of seamlessly melding the mods to create a new and original piece. The motorized drill and LEDs really win me over and put this kit above the other kits in the competition.

Joe's comments:

This build is everything this contest was looking for: a great concept, well built, & masterfully painted. The motorized drill takes this piece above and beyond! Great work!

Dan's comments:

This build impressed the hell out of me. The paint, weathering, LEDs and even the fluorescent paint on the health container were all well planned and executed. This entry would be a serious contender or any GBWC event let alone my humble contest. Great job!

Most Creative:

Tactical Candy Despensir by EducationalDriver

Joe's comments:

All of the entries used some sort of humanoid mecha with the one exception: the Tactical Candy Dispenser. A Base Jabber that delivers candy is definitely thinking outside the box, and that's why it has my vote for Most Creative/Original.

Dan's comments:

When this contestant sent in his registration I was very interested to see what he would do with it. I'm glad to see that they came up with a very unique idea, certainly something I would never have been able to come up with on my own.

Funniest Build:

Bear-ren Marine by Gundariumsmith

Joe's comments: 

I thought putting a petit'gguy head on a Hi-Mock was pretty cute. I love the Terran Marine theme, and while Batman and Robin had me smiling, this guy had me smiling more. Go shoot up some Zerg little beargguy

Dan's comments:

The name Bear-ren Marine elicited the same eye rolling response from me normally reserved for "dad jokes". However the name and idea grew on me. It's a good compromise between the cuteness of the Bearguy and the cliche of using the bear guy for gunpla-cosplay, and it's a great homage to Tycus Findlay (although it could use a cigar).

Participation prize:

One contestant that submitted their completed kit was chosen at random to recieve a $10 gift certificate to ModelGrade.net. The winner is Achturn GH-001AC Grimoire "Polyphemus"