2015 Good Guy Competition Entries

The winners for the 2015 Good Guy Competition will be announce by the end of next week.

Below are the six entries submitted to this year's contest. They're all excellent builds, but who will win?

Click the images below to be taken to the submission's gallery!

"Bear-ren Marine" by Gundariumsmith 

Builders Explanation:

Using a High Grade Build Fighters Hi-Mock, my original idea was to build a "Bear-Mock," a Hi-Mock imitating a Beargguy. After some brainstorming, I refined the idea and decided I wanted a Petit'gguy in costume instead. With the extra long arms of the Hi-Mock, I could only think of the Terran Marine of Blizzard's Starcraft franchise. Thus the "Bear-ren Marine" was born.

The Headless Horseman by CaptainAmeijin

Builders Explanation:

The Headless Horseman! Most of the build is made of the Avalanche Exia, while the Fuunsaikiand the chest come from the HG Master Gundam / Fuunsaiki gunpla. 

Tactical Candy Dispenser by Educationaldriver

Builders Explanation:

I got the idea for the TCD (Tactical Candy Dispenser) by brainstorming what goes on during the night of Halloween. This particular holiday is known for its sweet side, so I incorporated real candy into the build. The color scheme is of the traditional Halloween colors: orange and black. Halloween also has an arachnid motif, so I included cobwebs made out of a single cotton ball (it also looks like mist in some shots, which is really cool). I took these traits and combined it with the idea that people receive candy on Halloween. Thus the TCD was born.

Big Daddy Z'Gok by Joe K. 

Builders Explanation:

Got my idea after watching some Bioshock speedruns. I was surprised no one had done a Big Daddy inspired gunpla before based on a Google Image search and I liked the idea of revamping an inexpensive kit like the 2001 HGUC Z'Gok. Also liked the potential for a motorized drill mod and a weathered look for my first painted kit.

Grimoire Polyphemus by Achturn

Builders Explanation:

The concept was to have a cyclops/slight victorian horror influence with the Grimoire as the base.
The core has been hollowed out and now features a fully rotating "eye cannon" housed inside of it. The Polyphemus also now wields a heat-tomahawk inspired Meat Cleaver (or "Heat Cleaver" if you're into puns) as a melee weapon, with the beam whip that originally came out of the Grimoire's gun now being mounted to its wrist for mid-range attacks.
The backpack has also been removed, limiting the suit to mostly ground combat

Batman the Bearknight and Robin the Bear Wonder Brian T

Builders Explanation:

My idea gained inspiration from a lot of the batman builds that I had seen on various websites, most prominently gundamguy, but I never saw a batman with his trusty sidekick. I felt as though the Beargguy F would be the perfect kit to modify to achieve this, with the inclusion of the Petitbearguy. I used a combination of canned spray paint, hand brushing, and airbrushing to achieve the recolors on both of the kits, some simple use of plaplating to create their weapons, capes, belt, etc, and cutting of seals to finish off some of their details. Finally, I used heat to melt some of the plaplating and shape them into form, such as batman's chest logo, and also to create the effect of the cape.