Saturday, October 31, 2015

MG Ex-S WIP part 4


The marathon that is the MG Ex-S is quickly coming to an end now that all of the painting is complete! I'll start the detailing and decal process very soon. I don


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MG Ex-S WIP part 3


Apologies in advance but I don't have any WIP photos for this segment of the kit. The previous post I made should make the answer fairly obvious.

As of writing this phase 4 is well underway and should be don within a week. Once phase 4 is complete the detailing and decaling working will continue. I'm hoping to have this kit completed within the next 2-3 weeks if the weather cooperates for painting.

Meta update: hard driver failures and lost data.

It's official, all: of the photos, videos and design files (2 min reviews) I created over the last few years are unrecoverable after a hard drive failure. I had a lot of help from a friend in IT but ultimately the files we were able to recover were corrupt.

The good news is all of the content on the blog is recoverable and I have already backed it up. From your perspective viewing the blog there shouldn't be any changes whatsoever.  

The bad news is it's going to take a while to recreate some of the design files for the 2 min reviews and I had some stuff I would have liked to share, but won't be able to now.

From now on I have decided to back things up on three separate drives just in case something happens again. This was a hard and bitter pill to swallow, and I sincerely hope it's something I never have to experience again.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

MG Ex-S WIP part 2



Phase two of the MG Ex-S is now complete. In this phase I built both legs, feet and completed the waist and torso. Unlike Phase 1 this phase had fewer parts that required seam lines to be fused or parts to be masked. 

As of this post I am still waiting on replacement screws for the kit. Once I have them I will be able to completely armor the legs. Until then they're left it this partially built state.

The Ex-S has sensors in both of the fins extending up from the knees. I painted these areas with super metallic silver followed by a layer of clear blue.

The torso of this mobile suit is very interesting because the core fighter is almost entirely exposed. This design also prevents the suit from making any meaningful bends at the waist.

Painted parts so far...

Waterslide decals

Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Good Guy Competition Update 1

The entry period for 2015 competition closed on 9/30. We have a little under 4 weeks until submissions are due on October 31st.

Brought to you in part by...

This year's contestants are:

Gundariumsmith HG Hi-Mock
Things_falling_apart MG Sazabi
Sarra Minovsky HG Gaia Gundam
Morgan H. MG Banshee
XillyRaix HG Char Zaku (Origin)
Joe K. HG Z'Gok Char ver
Brian T. HG Beargguy F
Majorkurn Megasize Zaku 2
Xandcastle Rudolf's Gouf Ignited
CaptainAmeijin HG Master Gundam & Fuunsaiki + HG Avalanche Exia
Achturn HG Grimoire
Razorconcepts HG Hi-Mock & RB-79 Ball (twin set)
Educationaldriver HG Base Jabber

Like many of you I'm very excited to see what this year's contestants have in store!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

MG Ex-S WIP part 1

Unlike most of builds I decided to break the massive MG Ex-S into more manageable sections. In this section I built a lot of the smaller additional assemblies for the mobile suit. This includes the aerodynamic features, fuel tanks, core fighters, support weapons, main weapon and support rigging. I plan on doing two more sections which will include: phase 2, legs and torso and phase 3, arms, head and backpack.

Due to this kit's age a lot of pieces required seamlines to be fused and modification, scribing or other tricks; that is the main reason why things are taking a while on this build!


You can following the video log I did for this first section to see how far this first phase had expanded from its initial origin.