Thursday, June 27, 2019

RG 'Shin' Freedom


It's time for another JoJoHobby commission kit! Shin the proprietor of JoJoHobbyNStuff asked me to paint an 'Evil Freedom'. He gave me a few colors to work with and a few requirements and cut me loose. A couple of weeks later I cam back with this guy. 

This kit was provided to me by JoJoHobbyNStuff. Use coupon code "GOODGUNPLA" to receive 10% off your order on this kit, or most other items for sale on the site! Every purchase you make with this coupon helps to directly support my work as well!

Kit Talk:

The RG Freedom is painted with a collection of Gaia color neutral gray colors, two custom reds and a bright gold. One of Shin's requests was to paint the internal frame red. I mixed up a dark red and slightly metallic color. Unfortunately, the RG action frame was a bear to paint due to the material, clearance and propensity to chip!

I incorporated masking techniques to break up elements of wings and cannons of the kit. I utilized hand painting to pick out many of the smaller silver details all over the kit.  

Thursday, June 20, 2019

MG Age 1-2 Gundam


This is my 150th painted build! Back when I started the Blog in April 2012 I never really expected that I'd still be going at this point. But, I'm still here and I'm still passionate about building and painting these kits. Here's to another 150! 

Here's a weird one. Remember the Age 1? Well this is (in canon) the second Age Gundam that was built at some point after the event of the first season. And it served as a test bed for the later 'jacket' type systems. More or less it's a recolor of the MG Age 1 with a flat chest element instead of the glowing yellow "A".

Kit Talk:

This looks like a pretty basic build and it is, with some enhancements. My main focus throughout this project was to re-scribe throughout the kit. The crisp panel lines seen throughout are the result of this.

Despite being a P-Bandai this kit does not include a set of waterslide decals (which sucks!) The decals present are all dry transfers.

If you like my work and would like to help me out, consider purchasing this and other kits from Amazon using this link or others featured on my site. Every purchase helps me out considerably and it doesn't cost you a dime!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

HG GM Cannon Space Assault Type


This is my 149th complete kit! No Joke, the GM Cannon is probably in my top 3 favorite mobile suits. Something about mounting asymmetrical weapons just speaks to me as a mecha geek. And the design, proportions and detail of this Origin variant is pure perfection. I'll admit if Bandai started making more variant of this kit I'd buy them without much thought.

The RGC-80S is a MSV-R variant on the RGC-80 that has been redesigned to be more suitable for space combat. It features lighter armor and additional verniers. This variant of the GM Cannon 

Kit Talk: 

This is another in a long line of clean built kits. I made some slight variation on the color scheme by using a more scarlet red and a slightly gray white. I like the bright cartoony contrast of this color scheme compared to the more 'army man' style GM Sniper. 

The decals are from the Flaming Snow decal pack purchase from Hobby Frontline.