MG Ex-s Extraordinary Superior Gundam

Kit Talk:

After almost two months of work, the MG Ex-S is now complete! Although the MG Perfect Zeong or The O may still hold the record for the largest MG kits of all time; the Ex-S can't be far behind. These models required many seam lines to be fused, lots of masking and a lot of planning to complete.


Due to the size of the kit, I decided early on to build it in sections. This turned out to be a great choice as it kept me motivated throughout the build. Partway through the process I noticed that the two packs of screws were missing, I was able to find a RC car shop online that sold the 2.6 x 8 and 2 x 8 screws needed to secure many of the parts to the kit. Without the screws, it's impossible to connect many parts of the kit, and many others would be too loose and unstable.

This model has a reputation for being a brick, and it's well deserved. Even when the auxiliary fuel tanks and rifle are removed this kit still can't stand on its own. Bandai offsets the instability with the inclusion of a stand. Posability is limited the shoulder fuel tanks prevent the arms and shoulders from moving too far in any direction and the legs are limited by the hip-mounted beam cannons.    


I chose an RG inspired paint job, that is similar to the paint job on my RG GP01fb. I decided early on that I did no want to push the white and off white colors too far; as it would be too easy to end up with a spotty color scheme.

The Ex-S has a large number of "sensor" type surfaces in the heads, knees, chest, hips and backpack. Theses areas were painted using a base coat of superfine silver and a variety of clear coat colors. Most of the sensors around the suit are clear green with a smaller number of clear blue and yellow areas.

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Detail Photos:

The massive beam smart rifle mounts to the front of the Ex-S.

The red bit in the head can be released by the V-fin sliding forward.

The three sensors in the chest are presumably used for targeting with the various beam rifles.

The bits in the knees are actually used for defense instead of attack.

Painting the bits in the knees was accomplished by painting the entire bit red then masking and painting the silver for the emitter.

Decals on the chest are from the Bandai AEUG/Titans decals set.

The rocket boosters on the back have movable directional fins and the tail fin is able to extend up.

Core Fighter:



Action Shot


It can stand on it's own provided you have a small mug to hold up the backpack.