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RG GP01Fb "Zephyranthes"

Mobile Suit Lore

At the end of the One Year War the Federation began the Gundam Develpoment Project. The goal of this project was to develop mobile suits superior to Zeon suits developed during the OYW. For example, the MS-14S Gelgoog "commander type" out performed the RX 78-2 in terms of: generator output, speed, mobility and beam weapon selection.

The GP01 was the second of five prototype mobile suits to be developed during this project. The five mobile suits developed during the project were assigned names based on different genera of flowers: GP00 "Blossom", GP01 "Zephyranthes", GP02A "Physalis", GP03 "Dendrobium and Dendrobium Stamen" and the GP04G "Gerbera". Excluding the GP00, every mobile suit developed during the Gundam Development Project appeared during the Stardust Memory OVA in one form or another.

The GP01 was constructed by Anaheim Electronics sometime between 0081 and 0083 in Von Braun city at the Livermore facility on the Moon. The GP01 was designed as a multipurpose mobile suit that could operate both on Earth and in space (with calibrations). GP01 was later transferred to the Torrington base in Australia by the Albion to undergo terrestrial testing alongside the GP02A.

During the events of Stardust Memory the GP01 was heavily damaged by the Cima fleet and returned to the Livermore facility on November 6th 0083 to undergo emergency repairs and refit. Two days later on November 8th the GP01Fb "Full Burnern" emerged from the Livermore hangers to begin testing and shakedown runs.

The GP01Fb would later be destroyed following the Konpei Island incident alongside its sister suit the GP02A.

Kit Links

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Kit Talk

My goal in painting this model was to further separate different parts and details by using two different shades of white, as well as incorporating more grey into the outer armor details. Many of the small detail areas on the pads of the feet, lower legs, skirts and thruster pods were hand painted with a small brush.

I've found through experience and experimentation that brush painting small areas is easier and less stressful for me than micro-masking. Additionally I found that lighter fluid can in some cases remove Mr. Hobby paint if it's still wet and on a gloss surface (very handy for correcting mistakes if you're uncoordinated like I am).  

The decal scheme of this kit was modified to reflect more of a Katoki inspired design reminiscent of the RX 78-2 Ver. Ka. This is most evident on the shoulders and the shield. I also intentionally threw two AE decals in for Anaheim Electronics.


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The large feet look strange don't they? The extensions are affectionately called 'shoes' mount over the original GP01's feet and added additional verniers. You can still see the tops of the original shoes poking out.

The silver lips on the micro thrusters on the back of the thruster pots are a neat trick that's easy to pull off with dry brushing the edge with a silver paint. 

Detail Photos

My significant other has a macro lens that fits my camera. I don't use it often, but I really appreciate how close it can get to the kit.

Masking on the upper lip to match the lower lip of the lower leg was essential in my opinion. It really improves the RG look of the design.

All of the foot pad detail was hand painted on almost as an after thought. I was inspired to add these details by looking at Boon Hoong Ooi's RG Zephyranthes on google plus.

Action Poses

Making good poses and composing good photos is still a weak point for me. 

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