Weekend Wip 8/16/15

Its been nearly a month since I finished the HG Grimorie and since I've started working on personal projects again. In the coming weeks I'm going to announce a new blog that I've started gathering content for. I have also been working on some new content and updates for r/gunpla along with some of the old and new moderators, be sure to stop in if you haven't already.

Finally I have some real WIP project updates. For a project to be a WIP according to my definition, it has to be something I've actually worked on during the last week.

I currently have two kits that are practically done, but, I ran out of topcoat.

1/100 Over Flag 95% complete

A while back I complained that this kit needed a MG version, however after building it, i have to say this 1/100 is a pretty good model. yes, it does have some seam line problems, the detail isn't spectacular either, and its doubtful an inner frame could be crammed into the narrow limbs.

I didn't correct all of the flaws on this build either. The seams on the backs of the legs are still present for example. I simply didn't want to be bothered with fixing the seams, and having to mask or modify the associated parts. It's lazy, but I'm not the type of modeler that thinks every kit needs to be a 10 out of 10.

1/48 Unicorn Head Display 95% complete

I can't help myself when it comes to these head displays This is the 3rd Unicorn head display I have built, (5th if you count the 2 Banshee heads). Despite what a lot of people believe you can still get official versions of this model easily and cheaply.

Like the Overflag, this kit needs a coat of topcoat.

Unlike the other Unicorn head here. I plan on keeping this one in Unicorn mode. The reason for that will be revealed in the next WIP.

1/144 Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode 40% complete

I have a vial of a special nuetral gray paint I mixed for the display head I plan to use throughout this build for color continuity. Unfortunatley I am not 100% sure if I actually have enough paint. I plan on doing the ver. Ka decal scheme on this build. I was able to acquire the official 1/144 decal pack for this build, part of which I have already used on the Silver Bullet.

1/100 Sinanju OVA ver. 35% complete

This kit has been in WIP hell since the OVA version of this model was released. Since the initial build I ended up acquiring a full second weapon set and shield. I have also started modifying parts on this kit for additional details and seam removal.