HG Grimioire


Before I get started I realize many of you may be wondering:

"Hey Dan, where's episode 5? I want to see how you did the weathering!"

The short answer is, I'm still working on the video, reviewing, editing and compressing it. However I did not want to keep everyone (doubly so for the commission winner Mike) waiting for the final product!

Obviously this has a custom scheme, and I've weathered the appearance to make it look weather beaten and used. I tried some new weathering techniques like washing parts with white washes and adding stains and textured mud. All together I'm pleased with the model!

If you like this kit and would also like to support me consider purchasing this model from the link below. Every purchase through my Amazon links help's me significantly and doesn't cost you a dime!



Normally I would never pose a commission kit, however Mike offered me the choice to do a few.

Sorry for the limited poses, but I still don't feel comfortable posing client work!

Detail Photos:

Size comparison: 

The Gimoire is a stout little guy, and the HG Silver Bullet is a behemoth. The reason for these photos is because I will be sending the HG Silver Bullet along with the Grimoire to Mike! He sent me an awesome Char Zaku Origin version coffee mug from his trip to Japan and I wanted to return the favor by sending him something cool!