1/72 Tie starfighter


Star Wars was hugely important to 10 year old me. It was the reason every time I picked up a stick it was a Light Saber, and every time I rode my bike really fast I was on speeder bike flying through Endor. I watched the movies every holiday, every sleepover and ever time I visited my grandparents.

The first models I ever built as a were Star Wars kits made by mpc, and I ruined scores of them. Unlike my love of the franchise, I've mostly outgrown ruining kits...


The Tie starfighter/LN was deigned by Seinar Flight Systems; the TIE in the name stands for Twin Ion Engines.

Unlike the Rebel Y and X wings, Tie starfighters had very basic equipment and lacked the shields, hyper drives and even life support systems of their Rebel foes. Tie starfighters were used en mass and were as much of a symbol of the Empire's power as the much large and more devastating Star Destroyer flag ships.  

Kit Info:

This is the new 1/72 Tie starfighter currently being produced by Bandai, and overall it's a great model. There's tons of detail molded into this kit and the build is just as simple as most high grade Gundam kits. I don't have the experience to be able to tell you how accurate the model is to the studio scale designs during filming, but I can say it perfectly fits the image in my brain that I have of this starfighter. 

This kit was built and painted over the course of about 4 days. The paint scheme features several layers of very light shading, masking for the hatch, cockpit and different panel colors on the hull and a black filter to show weathering. Decal work was limited to just the basic water slides included in the kit.

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