HG G-Self Perfect Pack


This is the first kit in a long, long time that I really haven't enjoyed building or painting. Overall the design, part separation, and reliance on foil stickers come off as being extremely lazy. Despite its small stature, this kit has over 53 foil stickers. Even the much larger HG Silver Bullet (another kit I criticized for its reliance on stickers) only had 41 foil stickers. If you're a fan of the Perfect Pack's design but hate masking then all you can do is hope that Bandai releases an MG version eventually. 

I'm not familiar with the G-Self Gundam, I haven't watched more than two episodes of Reconguista. I did a bit of research on Gundam wiki, and I was surprised to find out that this MS actually changes colors while using different abilities of the Perfect Pack. I can see builders that are super fans of the design building and painting multiple versions of this kit to cover all of the variations.

Kit Talk:

Unsurprisingly this kit took a lot of work; in fact, I'm nearly positive I spent more time on masking this design than the MG Ex-S I completed last month. Aside from the masking and paintwork on this design I did the following modifications.

Sharpened V-fins and deeper head Vulcans:



Re-scribed panel lines on the legs, thighs and upper arms:

Thinner chest vents:



Polished clear pieces to remove nubs and hide marks:

Basic Sanding:


Modified leg joints for seam line elimination: 



Seam line removal and putty work:

Colors used:

White + pinch of green
Neutral grey
Sky blue & white
Red + pinch of blue
Superfine silver under clear blue


360 degrees


Masking on the shield was nerve-racking. There isn't room for error,and the details are tiny.

All of these blue areas represent photon batteries; they were frustrating to individually mask.

Sorry, no action poses for this model it's a commissioned kit.