HG AMS 123X-X Moon Gundam


I really think the name 'Moon Gundam' is dumb. But, I didn't let that color my opinion of this mobile suit. This model is an example of the new innovations Bandai is pushing into the high-grade lineup. My favorite feature is the excellent moving detail built into the legs. The legs, in general, are a real treat to build.

Despite being an early prototype for Char's generously sized Sazabi, The Moon Gundam is only about 22 meters tall. This mobile suit features many design flairs seen in the Sazabi such as the oversized shoulders, skirt mounted verniers/vents waist piping, and the rack style backpack. The weaponry is even similar to and includes a beam shot rifle and unusual hybrid beam saber.

Kit Talk:

This was originally going to be a really quick basic paint job. But, one day I picked up my .15mm scriber and I just started tracing the elements of this build. After that, I committed myself to a slightly more complex build.

The 'Psycho Plates' were painted with a combination of clear red, prism red, and semi-gloss. In person, it catches and reflects the light in a neat way. But, unfortunately, it's not really visible on camera.

The rest of the kit was painted with a combination of Gaia colors such as neutral gray #2, cobalt blue, and neutral gray #5. I hand-painted the red elements on the head and lower legs with Vallejo. And, I used Vallejo Mecha color Phantom Grey was for the various grey details on the head, body, and psycho plates.

This kit was provided to me by JoJoHobbyNStuff. If you'd like to support their shop and me by proxy then use my coupon code "GoodGunpla" to save 10% 12% off just about everything until the end of the year!



Referencing some versions of the EX-S Gundam I painted the tops of the feet a dark grey. I like the contrast against the bright blue. 

I opted to paint the interior of the shoulders in grey due to their large size and lack of interior detail.

Action Poses:

The HG Moon Gundam comes complete with a smoky black action-based. I strongly recommend combing that with other action bases to pull off action poses with the funnels!

I'm still not certain what these funnels actually do. Are they shields? Do they shoot beams? Or do just collide with other mobile suits!?

The silver tips of the shoulder verniers catch the light nicely in some of these photos.

Silver was also used to tip the centers of the 'donuts' on each end of each funnel.


The Moon Gundam has no problem supporting the funnels in the iconic 'half-moon' configuration even when standing without the support of an action base.

Highlighting the lip of a thruster with a bright metallic like silver is a simple trick I've been using for ages. I still love the way it looks. 

This kit was provided to me by JoJoHobbyNStuff. If you'd like to support their shop and me by proxy then use my coupon code "GoodGunpla" to save 10% 12% off just about everything until the end of the year!


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