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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MG Banshee Water Slide Decals

When I heard about the MG Banshee Novel Version, I wasn't very excited. But then I saw the decals that came with the kit and I started trying to justify buying the Novel version just for the decals.

Fortunately I found out that Samuel Decal had released his own version of the decals, and he included several special gold versions of normally white decals that only came with the OVA release for the BS and VN systems.

Unfortunately Samuel's decals still aren't precut, so you will need to do a little extra work closely cutting out each decal. 

As far as I know Samuel is still only conducting business through his Facebook site, while his website is being rebuilt. If you want to order from him you can look at his stock, and place and order here
While I still try to buy up Bandai's official decals whenever I can find them, I have been using Samuel more and more to fill in the gaps. His products are inexpensive, customizable and they ship quickly.