Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MG Heavy Arms Complete


Heavy Arms

I built and painted the Heavy Arms within the same week of receiving it. Unfortunately during the process I also managed to lose a few parts. During the last week of the Sinanju build gginfinite sent me the replacements I had been waiting for.

I used the standard color scheme, with some slight color enhancements to the legs. I originally left the Gatling gun with a solid dark grey color scheme. But afterwards, it looked very brickish, so I went back and added some gunmetal to the barrels to break up the color.

I didn't care for the bowie knife on the forearm, the parts that attached the blade to the forearm looked too blocky. I also eliminated the ammo drum backpack, it didn't make sense to me that the EW Heavy Arms would use solid ammunition where as the TV version used all beam equipment.  

Enough rambling, enjoy the photos.



Brothers in arms



  1. oh wow.. nicely done. love them when Deathscythe Hell and Heavyarms stand together. Put all Wing kits together!

    1. Worth a tempt =) they are good kits meant to be together.

  2. Dang, I'm starting to want this kit. I was going to try and wait to see if they would release a Heavyarms Custom MG, I wonder what the likelihood of that is...

    Btw can I ask what camera you used for the photos?

    1. Thanks for you comments C.Jin, I'm sure Bandai will eventually release the movie version of the Heavyarms, they love to reissue kits with a pallet swap.

      I use my Gf's Nikon D300. I don't know to much about the camera though, she sets up the color balancing for me. I just take the photos.