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Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Delta Enhancement (Delta Epsilon)

I spent some time over the weekend finishing the initial build on the MG Delta Plus.Going forward this is going to be project Delta enhancement or Delta Epsilon.

The stock kit isn't great, and there are some serious design and stability problems. But, I really like the design.

By Sunday afternoon the kit was completely built and I had even done some modding by adding a donor V fin from the MG Freedom Gundam. And I cut a slot into the face to add a goatee. The face still needs a little putty work to cover the spots where I removed too much material.

After posting the Weekend Wip, I started working on modding the forearms from a MG ReZel to fit on the Delta Plus. While they look like they would be a straight swap, the ‘elbow’ joints are considerably different. The Delta plus’s elbows are much thicker that the ReZel’s, so I had to remove a lot of material to make them work.

You can still get a full bend with the arm.

And I even modded the Delta’s forearms to work with the ReZel elbows. So I could still build a full, albeit custom MG ReZel.

I wanted to mod the new arms on because the Delta feels lacking overall. The MG ReZel on the other hand can store beam sabers and launchable grenades like the Zeta from it’s forearms.

Furthermore I’m going to have the beam sabers point out like this from the arm.

My thought is the Anaheim Electronicsmight have used some of the design ideas (like wrist mounted beam sabers) from the Sinanju and Unicorn on some of their custom units.

But this also references earlier designs like the GP01 Full Vernian, which had a beam jite attached to the bottom of it’s beam rifle to parry beam saber attacks.

I incorporated the Rezel's skirt armor to add a bit more substance to the front of the kit. I think the Rezel's skirt works well with the long 'codpiece'. 

One thing I haven't gotten around to doing is modifying the beam rifle(s)

Like a lot of Gundam fans, Gundam Wing was the first series I saw, certain things like the Wing Zero's combinable beam rifles have stuck with me over time. I’m going to be doing something similar with the rifles from the Rezel and Delta Plus. I’ll probably use magnets to keep them together, but also so I can split them apart into separate rifles.

This pose should look familiar to EW fans.

For reference here's what the rifles look like unmodified.

Basic walk-around shots