Saturday, June 23, 2012

Project Unicorn : (Banshee) Stage 2 [Laying Down the Paint]

Sorry for the long gap in between posts, but life got pretty hectic in the last week, mostly due to work, 9am-12am+ for 5 days in a row wasn't fun!

Glad that its over now and can spend my time on gunpla again.

Anyways, to keep this post from being too word-centric, we'll get straight to the point. Did some painting a couple weekends ago and these are the results.

Main External Armor

Had a little bit of a disaster here, it was supposed to be puple, and still is but I decided that it was too light so I added some black. It resulted in this, but I had ran out of purple so I couldn't change it, decided to go with it anyways.

Paints used : Plamo UK Violet and Gloss Black


Lower Half

Black Armor

For the Feet and Backpack parts, I went with a direct gloss black.

Paints used : Plamo UK Gloss Black

Here's a comparison shot, its barely noticeable, but IRL the purple is more pronounced than in the picture. That said, you can tell that there are 2 different shades.

Gold Parts

Decided to change things up a bit, yes kept the V-Fin gold, but changed all the little thruster things to gold, including the dangly bit at the bottom of the leg. I felt that this kit needed more gold to break it up more, especially with almost pure black exterior armor.

Paints Used : Gaia Notes Star Bright Gold

Inner Frame

Wanted a light metallic inner frame to counter the dark exterior. But I might have gone a little overboard and took a tone that was too light. That said, it might look alright once fully assembled.

Paints Used : Gaia Notes Star Bright Duralumin

Silver Highlights

Intention was for highlights on parts, but since I had a very bright inner frame, I decided to go with a slightly muted silver.

Paints Used : Plamo UK Silver

Weapons And Stuff

With the remaining bits, I decided to paint them some sort of dark metal color, so I decided to use 2 paints from 2 different providers. See if you differentiate them. Colors are more apparent IRL, doesn't translate too well in pictures.

Paints Used : Gaia Notes Star Bright Iron and Alclad II Steel


Speaks for itself really. Wanted to do something different and thought blue would be a good "in between" for the basic Red of Unicorn, and the Green he turns into when using the FA equipment.

Paints Used : Gaia Notes Star Bright Duralumin, Tamiya Clear Blue.

Now that those are done with, I'll leave you with some teaser shots.

Keep in mind that this are PRE-detailed and aren't decaled as of yet. Just fit them together to get an overall feel of what it would look like when all done.

And with that, we are done with this stage of the Heavy Armed Banshee WIP.

Hopefully, next post will be detailing and decaling. Lets hope that it won't be as long in between posts.

Thanks for reading!