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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Commission EX 1 of 4 pt 2



Starting with the unimportant bits first. The various stands for this kit were painted light grey. A color which I find contrast nicely with red & orange. I will used the same light grey for the fuselage's cross section.

I mixed up a custom batch of 'roranged' (red-oranage) for the main fuselage out of burnt orange and bright red.

I painted the details on the main fuselage over the primer and masked before spraying the 'roranged'. The blue sensor is a nice touch because I sprayed a clear blue over a coat of silver.

The gun barrels of this kit required some masking to seperate the white and roranged bits (more on that later). Each line barrel features 4 directional trusters near the 'shooty end', each of the directional thrusters was painted with silver, masked, painted over in roranged.

The main thrusters and main cannon of this kit were painted a dark grey.The thruster bells were given a metallic wash, and the lips of each were highlighted with chrome silver.


Of the four EX kits the Moebius Zero and Skygrasper pack is the only one that I can decal. So I promised I would give it an RG inspired decal job. This is still a work in progess because I believe the Moebius needs more warning decals. However I'm pleased with the placement of the larger more stylish markings.

I'm especially happy with the 'Hawk of Endion' nose cone. It reminds me of WW2 fighter and bomber planes.