Sunday, August 5, 2012

MG Age 1 Normal Ver. Ka

Alright knocked another one off of the backlog.

Like the Mg Heavyarms and MG Sinanju, this kit had been languishing in WIP hell because I lost a part, then gginfinite decided to cancel my parts order 3+ months after I placed it...

It's all good now though, because I'm done!

The Age 1 is of course modeled after the Grand-daddy of them all, so I used the water slide set from the Rx 78-2 Ver. Ka to keep with that design. I only wish I had though to design Diva and EFF decals for the shoulders and knees like the original ver. Ka.

I really enjoyed this kit because of the crazy pose-ability it possesses, even if these poses look ridiculous, it's nice it can still pull them off.

Here are some action poses

And some detail shots





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  1. Excellent work Dan. Decal work is top notch and the cleanliness and smoothness of the paint job are very noteworthy.