Thursday, August 30, 2012

Panel line scribing and chiseling

In response to my last tutorial thread I recieved a question from a reader named Tim. This was his question.

"In Dengeki Hobby June 2012 issue they showed how you can make vents in the armor of a gundam model with the Mr. Chisel tool. I didn't really understand it because my Japanese isn't that good. I was wondering if you were skilled with that tool and making vents or things like that, and if so, can you write a tutorial about it?"

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience scribing panel lines, and I have no experience chiseling. But I do a copy of a 2009 Hobby Japan magazine that has a pretty extensive walk through about scribing lines and using a chisel to etch detail into the plastic.

Hopefully I have a few readers that might be willing to offer a translation! I'd apprecaite any help you could offer!

I found a variety of chiseling and scribing tools on amazon. You can find them all here:

Want to see the full size image? Right click an image and open it in a new tab or window!

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