Saturday, January 12, 2013

MG Aegis

I'm not the biggest fan of Seed and Seed Destiny; but I do like the mecha designs that came out of the series. Unfortunately way back in 2004 when I first saw Seed I didn't have the resources to devote to modeling; so I missed many of the early MG Seed kits. But the MG redesigns for the four early baddies that came out this year really reignited my interest in building some Seed kits. I will have a Duel Assaultshroud commission coming up in a few months that I'm really excited about.


Originally I considered going with a bright bubble gum pink for the body armor; but in the end I chose to go with a color closer the standard suit's color.  Side by side however shows that the color I went with is slightly more pinker than the plastic color.

60% Hibiscus Pink
25% Bright Red
10% Pure White
5% Lemon Yellow

100% Dark Grey

Feet, side skirts and backpack:
70% Midnight Blue
20% Black
10% Purple

Face, Blades & Details
100% Pure White

V-fin & Details:
95% Lemon Yellow
5% Bright Orange

 100% Azure Blue

80% Jade Green
20% Yellow


100% Silver or 
100% Starbright Duralinium

Mobile Suit

Weapons and Armaments 


Using a hand brush I went over each of these thrusters with a coat of black enamel, followed by a coat of silver enamel to highlight each nozzel.

Additionally I used a different technique to highlight the detail on the backpack thrusters here. I sprayed these thrusters with Gaianotes Starbright Duralinium then went over the area with black enamel to preform a reverse wash.

I didn't use many decals on this kit overall. The decals that I did use came from several sets; MG Wing EW waterslides and from MG Aegis dry transfer.

I avoided using the grey strips and hexagonal phase shift markings; as I personally didn't care for the way they look.

Action Shots

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