Friday, January 18, 2013

MG GAT X-303 Aegis Mini-Review


The Good

Overall I think that the Aegis looks fantastic; despite it's pretty princess color scheme; it's an aggressive, sharp and broad design. My favorite aspect of the design overall is the exaggerated 'mohawk sensor' on the head. It's a really interesting design element but it also blends into the design of the head and high shoulders well. 

The kit has a high part count for the price; and you definitely get a lot of 'bang' for your 'buck'.

I had forgotten that the Aegis even had a shield of beam rifle; all I remembered about the Aegis from the show was a) it transforms into a face hugger b) it's pink. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that the beam rifle and shield look awesome on the kit. The stock of the beamrifle is also capable of sliding into the rifles body to reduce the overall size during the transformation. I know that some other reviewers had issues with the hands holding onto the beam rifle handle; but personally I didn't experience this issue. 

One aspect of this kit people tend to forget is that it has a tremendous amount of detail molded into the plastic. There are little vents, indents, pistons, ridges and grooves all over the kit; if you take the time to apply panel lining washes or hand brush you can bring so much detail out.    

The Bad 

Unfortunately like a lot of transformable mg kits, the Aegis has some well known stability issues. It's not quite as bad as the MG Delta plus (which constantly made suicidal leaps off of my shelves). But the Aegis leaves quite a bit to be desired. The stability issues are the result of multiple factors including: small feet, a top heavy design, back heavy side skirts and too many points of articulation. The kit can stand on it's own; but depending on the stiffness of the leg joints you may need to lean the kit forward to prevent it from toppling backwards. Additionally I had issues with the waist and hip section splitting while standing. This weakness traces back to the transformation as well. 

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