Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bro Build Complete MG Astray Red Frame

Here's my final painted up Astray for my Bro-Build with Justinius!

I made a few changes to colors applications, so this isn't exactly a stock scheme. Overall I'm extremely pleased with how the kit came out. This is the first kit I've used a future floor topcoat on, and overall I'm satisfied with how it came out; but I will need to experiment with it more before I'm 100% happy with it. 

It looks like the Astray is going to be the first in a long line of build offs this summer. So stay tuned for more! 


Frame: Clear red over titanium base

Leg and Arm Armor: White
Chest Armor: Black
Waist Armor: Grey 
Eyes & sensors: Clear green over silver
Internal details: Medium Grey

Enjoy the photos!

Suit 180:

The Astray is slightly shorter than your average Gundam type mobile suit. The design is also a bit on the lean side, but the details on the arms and legs give it a 'muscular' appearance.


The two raised details on the top of the chest were carefully painted with red. Each finger was carefully hand painted with Tamiya White.

Red head with green eyes. You can kind of make out the two titanium pistons buried in the chest from this angle. 

Titanium leg piston.

Action Poses:


I think this kit looks best holding a single sword.

Tactical Arms:

The TA is a little too heavy and too unwieldy to pose with.  

Gatling gun mode. I took this photo just to show off the sensors near the barrel of the gun.

 Back pack/back heavy mode.

If you tweak the balance well you won't need to lean the kit this far forward. 

Full Armor Mode:


  1. How many passes of the future did you use? I could not quite get an enamel panel wash to work as well when I attempted the first time using future. Also did the future make your kit stiff?

    Great work as always Dan!
    - Event Horizon

  2. I only used a single layer of future; but I applied it only as a topcoat. I applied my panel wash directly to my painted layer.

    Future made the kit a tiny bit stiffer, but I think any type of topcoat would have that effect.


    1. Ahh, I use acrylics for my painting, but i think i could get around problem by clearing, panel washing, then putting future. Biggest problem was the paint scratching from joints or armor that rubbed together, but future has helped cut that down. It's not nearly as perfect as i want it to be since there are a couple spots that have stripped down still. I'm just ranting and hoping you catch something that could help at this point lol