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Friday, May 24, 2013

MG Zaku 2.0 WIP pt 5

Being short of time last night I didn't have the opportunity to start decal the Zaku 2. Instead I decided to build up each section and to per-assemble the kit. I will break the kit back down into component parts soon for the first round of top coating. But for now enjoy the unweathered Zaku 2!

I was really happy when I noticed that many of the piston parts I hand painted were visible when the arms and legs are bent. 

I will need to tone down the brass, the color is far to bright for the weathering to look realistic.


I will add the remaining power pipes onto the kit after applying the decals.

 Unfortunately I will need to wait until the remaining parts arrive before I can progress much further.

I'm very satisfied with how the damage works across the suit. 

Tonight I will start to decal the kit. I'm counting on the yellow decals to add some contrasting color to the scheme.