Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gunpla discounts on!

Hey there Gunpla guys and gals, I was dinking around on maligning a wish list of kits, and I started to find some great deals on HG and even recently release MG kits! The best part is they ship for free if you have Amazon Prime!

The images are direct links


Astray Blue Frame Second L @ $15.79

Victory Gundam @ $16.09

LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam $17.18

Age 3 Normal @ $17.95


Ball ver ka @ $30.37

I bought a MG Ball ver. KA for myself!

Ball k type (8th ms team) @ $31.57

V Core Booster @ $22.20

Age 2 Double Bullet @ $40.54

GX-9800 Gundam X @ 44.01

Monday, January 27, 2014

MG Tallgeese II Commission WIP

This is a quick an dirty update for the MG Tallgeese II commission I've been working on for a while. Originally this was going to be in a video format, but I got so wrapped up in working on this kit lately I haven't had the time!

At this point the vast majority of the parts have been painted. I have maybe 30-40 grey pieces primed and on skewers waiting for a coat of Mr. Hobby's Neutral Grey.

The weather has been my primary limiting factor lately. I paint indoors using a spray booth, however I still need to leave some of the windows of my apartment open for ventilation. This winter has been unseasonably bad with temperatures hovering around or below 0 F (-17 C) and dipping as low as -25 F (31 C) with a wind chill for long periods of time! 

Despite the poor weather the paints have still been spraying well.

I have begun to create some basic assemblies for certain parts. Although at this stage it's mostly to see how the colors are working together.

The thruster bells on this kit were painted with two separate colors inside and out. The interiors are start bright silver and the exteriors are star bright iron. I really like the effect of this lends to the kit; because the silver creates a high contrast 'lip' where the two colors meet that really draws your attention.

Painting the interior of the shield is an easy way to detail up your Tallgeese. I used this same trick on my MG Tallgeese, and it only takes a bit of patients and some masking tape around the edges and over the holes to accomplish.

Another easy way to detail up this kit is to notch the pegs that show through various parts of the armor. I briefly discussed this technique in my last WIP video. here I've highlighted the panel line with some black to bring out the detail.

Not going to lie, masking and painting the 'mohawk' was a pain in the butt. Looks good though!

Hope you enjoyed the WIP! This kit should be completed within the next two weeks. Then it's onto the last part of this 4 part commission the MG Banshee ver. Ka (30% removed from the runners already).

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MG GNX Complete

The MG GNX is one of those kits that doesn't get any love. All of this despite of being a modern kit with a rather unique design. Although I know many people will disagree with my opinion, I think the GNX ranks right up there with the Sinanju in terms of coolness. To me both kits have the 'streamlined, high performance' machine vibe to them.

I built my first GNX right around the time I reentered the hobby a few years ago. It was the second or third kit I painted fully, stripped and repainted. That kit was eventually sold off to help pay for Grad school, and ever since then I've regretted selling it. 

The MG GNX is a kit that I feel like I'll revisit a few more times. But my hope is that Bandai might release some limited runs of the successor kits like; Advanced GNXT , GNX-612T/AA Supervia or GNXII. We've already seen some of these kits as Robot Damashi, it wouldn't be too hard to conceive Bandai might due a special edition kit of one...

This kit is based on Keita's Masterpiece GNX although mine does not come close to his original.

This paint scheme is all about contrast: matte and gloss, metallic and solid, neutral and bold. The metallic is a custom mix of Alcad's gold titanium, duralinium and steel. The clear purple is 047 from gaia notes over a coat of duralinium. 

Hit the bump for the full photo shoot!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gunpla Give away Announcement!

Hey there gunpla guys and gals!

The lucky winners of my give away have been selected!

The winners are:

Blagus82 MG Age 2 Doulbe Bullet

CTSVT24 HG EX-S Gundam

Both winners have been messaged and their kits will be sent out soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Want to see more giveaways? Consider purchasing items from Amazon using the links on my website! I get a little bit back from Amazon every time you buy something! And the best part is it doesn't cost you a dime!