Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MG GNX Complete

The MG GNX is one of those kits that doesn't get any love. All of this despite of being a modern kit with a rather unique design. Although I know many people will disagree with my opinion, I think the GNX ranks right up there with the Sinanju in terms of coolness. To me both kits have the 'streamlined, high performance' machine vibe to them.

I built my first GNX right around the time I reentered the hobby a few years ago. It was the second or third kit I painted fully, stripped and repainted. That kit was eventually sold off to help pay for Grad school, and ever since then I've regretted selling it. 

The MG GNX is a kit that I feel like I'll revisit a few more times. But my hope is that Bandai might release some limited runs of the successor kits like; Advanced GNXT , GNX-612T/AA Supervia or GNXII. We've already seen some of these kits as Robot Damashi, it wouldn't be too hard to conceive Bandai might due a special edition kit of one...

This kit is based on Keita's Masterpiece GNX although mine does not come close to his original.

This paint scheme is all about contrast: matte and gloss, metallic and solid, neutral and bold. The metallic is a custom mix of Alcad's gold titanium, duralinium and steel. The clear purple is 047 from gaia notes over a coat of duralinium. 

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This is not a commission kit; so onto the posing!

GN Rifle Mode

GN Long Rifle Mode

Ground pose one handed

And two handed

Ariel Poses:

Tonight, You

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