Sunday, February 9, 2014

MG Tallgeese II Commission Complete!

This is another limited edition kit I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to work on. I had forgotten that the Tallgeese II actually existed until Bandai announced the MG kit! This kit was built as a commission, the requested paint scheme was to closely match the stock scheme, but I was allowed some latitude to add my own flair!

Like my Tallgeese 1 I incorporated metallic paint into the frame to contrast various parts of the frame. Unlike the Tallgeese 1 I incorporated much more of the metallic paint into the exterior of the kit too, my reasoning for incorporating more silver metallic colors into the kit was that the operator Treize fancied himself as a futuristic knight and aristocrat; so the ostentatious flair of the bright metal would suit him. Also unlike the Tallgeese 1 I hand painted many of the grey circles on the front & side skirts, booster pods and back. 

Despite forgetting this suit altogether I have to admit that I prefer the Tallgeese 2 over the 1 by a wide margin!

Hit the bump for the full shoot

This is a commission kit guys, sorry but no poses!

Mobile Suit 360

Thruster Pods Open

Shield (my favorite part!)

Tallgeese 1 & 2

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