Sunday, April 6, 2014

1/35 Hard Graph Zaku Head

This is the first kit I've built since finishing off the last four part commission series. This is the now out of print 1/35 scale Hard Graph Zaku head. Unlinked most Gunpla kits, this model really suffers from fragility and parts fitamint issues. If you happen to have one of these kits I really recommend using glue to permanently fix some of these parts together; it will make things so mush easier!

I wanted do a more in depth paint job on this model, I used pre-shading, post-shading and weathering to enhance the the look of the kit. The strategy I used to shade the kit was painting darker colors towards the bottom of the kit and in recesses and lighter colors on the top. The kit was weathered using enamel washes of brown, tan, black and white; and also Tamiya weathering pastels including sand, and dirt.

Hit the bump for the full photos shoot!

The decals used on this kit are from the Zeon DX decals set (Zaku pin-up girl, unit numbers, and stars) as well as the MG Char Zaku/Gelgoog 2.0 set. The decals were weather by lightly rubbing a bit of 3M fine sanding sponges over the decal.

Light green: 70% green 30% white
Medium green: 90% green 10% white
Dark green: 80% green 20% blue
Black: 80% black 20% green
Frame components are either grey, dark grey, silver, gunmetal or star bright iron

The last enhancement to this kit was a simple LED circuit I built into the kit. I used a CR2032 battery, a 5mm 2.6 V 28 mA LED I filed down, a slide switch and 27 ohms worth of resistors. The battery and LED are built into the head and the resistors and switch are down in the base of the neck.

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