Monday, April 7, 2014


The GP01 was the kit I received during the 2013 holiday gift exchange on Reddit. I have a love hate relationship with RG kits, I really love the sculpt and detail of the RG line but having large meaty hands I have a difficult time handling all of the small parts.

The RG is going to be a pretty straight forward build. I've only modified the kit lightly by adding pla-plate to the neck to give it more height to eliminate the 'turtle' look the kit has out of the box. 

I have decided to incorporate the builder parts weapon set 003 into this build, because I've seen resin versions of the GP01 with a long cannon type weapon called an 'ore cannon'. I really liked the way the kit looked with the cannon so I decided to incorporate something similar into my build. Interestingly the weapon set includes the parts to make a beam cannon very similar to the Gp01's stock equipment.

Although I have not started painting yet, this kit is going to have a close to stock color scheme, but I plan on pushing the RG style color separation further, and I am planning on using a lighter bluish purple color, closer to a periwinkle.

I'm planning on modifying the decal scheme of this build. I have the waterslide set for the GP01Fb but I've never liked the large 01 decal on the left shoulder. Instead I plan on using some of the smaller AL (Albion) decals from the DX 04 Federation decal set. The decal set also features a few Torrington Base specific decals, I may have to pick up the HG GM Custom and Cannon to complete the Albion mobile suit crew...

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