Monday, April 21, 2014

Year 2 in Review

Two years ago I started this blog with a simply goal to collect and host the work that I had created. Like many I was partially drawn into and inspired by the hobby by websites of similar design in the late 90s and 2000s. And in some small way, I hoped to inspire others to dive into the hobby by doing something similar. Two years later I now look at the body of work that I have accumulated, and I cannot help but feel proud of what I have accomplished.

Since April 2013 this blog has doubled in daily viewership; this time last year the blog had an average daily traffic of about 500 viewers, I now generally have over 1,000 viewers each day! The source of the traffic has also transitioned significantly too; now most of my traffic comes from various Google searches instead of my own links on Reddit. This is thanks in no small part to growing number of viewers in the Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore!

Overall year 2 was a difficult year to put into words. It was a year that forced me to grow. It was a year of great personal highs: I finished graduate school by obtaining a master's degree, won best the 1/100 scale model at the GBWC @ NYCC and I finally purchased a sporty car. And terrible personal lows: I moved away from my home town, my family, and my fiends, and in October my oldest and closest friend of nearly 20 years unexpectedly took his own life; a loss which shook me to my core, and one which I still feel keenly nearly every day.

Ultimately, and perhaps unfortunately, time has simply continued on without pause like a raging river, unwavering, and uncaring for those swept along by it... And, for a while I allowed myself to simply be carried away by the current.

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