Thursday, June 12, 2014

General WIP Update

This is a general work in progress update for two the kits that I have been working on.

MG Freedom

Most of the frame and armor has already been painted, but halfway through the painting the white armor parts of the kit I decided that I didn't like the way some of the panel lines I scribed turned out. Instead of ordering and waiting for replacement parts I have decided to putty the lines and paint over them. Unfortunately this requires some pretty extensive reworking, and to be honest I'm rapidly losing interest in completing this kit. If I don't complete this kit within the next 2-3 weeks, I'll likely never finish it.

Painting the grey spine of each wing requires you to individually mask both parts of each large wing. To complete this detail will require masking 8 large pieces!

Decals for the MG Freedom are pretty special due to what I assume is their rarity. I've never seen a set of water slides for a kit this old before. And if the packaging is to be believed the MG Freedom would only have been the third kit to have received a set of waterslide decals from Bandai.

I may also incorporate decals from the far newer DX-03 decal set

HG Byarlant

I'm not quite sure why this terrifyingly ugly flying lobster monster of a kit is so appealing to me, but I've decided to build another. Unlike the last Byarlant, I've decided to take my time and fuse just about every seam line I could find. Doing this has required me to get creative with the way I'm modifying the kit for easy painting and reassembly.

In addition to fusing the panel lines I'm doing some minor pla-plating for added detail in some of the recesses. I am also using putty to fill the hollows in the claws, and talons. 

The color scheme on the kit is going to be the stock sky and navy blue scheme from the anime, and I've also procured a GD-06 Gundam Unicorn decal sheet which includes the decals EFF (Earth Federation Forces) and TR (Torrington Base).

I haven't made up my mind yet, but I may build a Zeon remenant Marasai to display with this kit to mimic the latter part of the attack on Torrington scene from Unicorn Episode 3. If I go this route I'll weather both kits accordingly.

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